By: Haley Schweitzer

Making presentations

Keynote is a great source to use to make presentations. You can make how ever many slides you want with pictures, and text's. You can change the font, size, and the color of your text. You can make the slides have different transportation too. You can make your keynote to have bulleted facts, captions, and charts.

Running Automatically

To make the keynote to transport automatically go to inspector, slide inspector, start presentation, then click on run automatically. When you start your keynote everything should go by itself. Remember you have to do that to every text or picture on every slide!


You can change the opacity on graphics. Opacity is how seen or unseen graphics are. You can put graphics on your keynote by finding a picture and drag it to your desktop. Then drag the graphic from the desktop to the keynote slide. You can rotate a picture by holding command on the keyboard and put the mouse on the top middle square on the graphic and move it from side to side to rotate it. Inspector is where you can change the transportation, make it run automatically, graphics, and chart inspector.