Learn a lillte about

Olivia Rebien

Three things you should know about me


I absolutely love to cook and bake and it's never with a recipe.


I have two Rabbits, Fister and Filuka. They live in my living room and they are never in their cage. They are like two cats just running around and enjoying life.


I really like listening to music! I almost like every kind of music; rock, pop, underground, jazz, and so on. My darling right now is Bon Iver.

Two places I would like to visit

Australia seems like a very interesting place with a lot to discover.

My father is from Greenland and I have family there so it would be so nice to visit them again. And next time I would like to visit more than one city.

My dreamjob

I actually don't have a dreamjob right now. I just want to be happy and live in peace, love, and harmony, and then see what life will bring.

Three things I would like to do before I kick the bucket