The Lepy Way

Due March 17, 2016


How can I catch a Leprechaun?


I used cardboard, duck tape, utility knife, speed square, pencil, & paper.

How I Started.

I started by taking a box and cutting off the lid, and taping the lid inside the back of the box. Then I took another piece of cardboard, stuck it over the top of the box and made a trapdoor. So the Leprechaun will fall in the trapdoor. Then I drew a lot of shiny things, and green 4 leaf clovers.

How it Will Work🍀

When the Leprechaun finds my trap he will go on it and see a sign that says "DO NOT ENTER" and of course he will enter, and he will see shiny money in a pot at the end of a rainbow. Then he will fall in a trapdoor. He will obviously me mad.

Simple Machine

It is a weight activated trapdoor, and a trap door is an inclined plane.

Make it Eaiser

It makes it easier because you don't really have to go catch on because it will fall on the trapdoor.