Lessons Learned

ways to be a better son and husband


For my novel I read a very intimate and sad tale by the name of Suzanne's Diary to Nicholas. This book not only overcame me with emotion but it also helped me understand a woman's struggle to play so many roles in life. It also opened my eyes to how lost someone can become after losing a woman in their life. As men we don't often realize that the women in our lives, wether it be our mother or significant other, are our rocks. This was one of my favorite parts of the class even though I cried some.


The majority of the films in main stream media do not depict women as they are in real life. Very rarely in the past did we see woman take on a major role as a protagonist. This supports my aforementioned statement even more when I say that the general public takes woman, their ability and success at mother hood, and their role that they play as a support system for their husband for granted. As they say "behind every great man their is a great woman." The film I choose was The Way Way back which was a story of reconciliation of a mother and her son as he finds himself and she struggles to support him and find herself as well.


Our magazine project definitely open my eyes to how society really demeaned women in a subtle way. Every piece of mainstream literature that women of the 1900's had access too was used to project this societal view of woman that made them nothing more than homemakers. It was sad and eye opening to see that women even contributed to these publications and still carried a consistent use of a stereotype that limited women to a chore of motherhood.

The Feminine Mystique

The Feminine Mystique was my favorite part of the class. The scholastic information is right up my alley. While I enjoyed studying main stream media and things like that I always like to have the well written and professionally presented data and thoughts on the time. I think that doing this first was great so that we could always refer back to what was discussed in this book while we dredged through the overflow of information that is mainstream median. Most definitely keep this book as the start of class!

Disney Films

This section was also extremely interesting to me since I had never really dissected films that I watched from childhood. I was surprised to see the lack of representation of motherhood within these films. Being an only child my mother was very important to me and a lot of the characters within these films have problems or are only children. So the fact that a mother figure was non-existent, short lived, or a negative representation was very eye opening to me.
Disney Mothers - A Mother's Love


This was one of my favorite and least favorite parts due to the fact that I struggled to receive survey results since I am super busy and forgot to send two of them out. I do however love the fact that we got data from real life mothers that we know. The data was also surprising since it showed a lot of women still have a traditional way of thinking. Women take care of the children, the house, and their husband while the man works to provide for his wife and kids. While my fiancé believes this I did not think she was within the majority of people in this way of thinking. Great tool keep it in the class for sure!
This was by far my favorite part of the class being that music is one of the most important things to me and I believe it influences you heavily. My song was perfect for me in reflecting what I learned throughout this class. The fact that mothers and women in general give so much to their children and their significant others and they shouldn't be taken for granted because you never know when it will be too late.


In closing I would just like to thank Stacy Aschenbeck for opening my eyes to how much my mother and my future wife are worth. This class has not only given me knowledge in the history of how society has represented mothers but it has really touched me personally in how I deal with the women in my life. I didn't treat them wrong before it was just I didn't appreciate them for what they were really worth. I think it is easy for us as children to take our mothers for granted because we expect them to always be there, but as my novel and my music projects have shown that is not always the case. So I will have to say without a shadow of a doubt my biggest take away from this class is the fact that I need to love and appreciate the women in my life more. I heavily encourage more men to take this class since we ourselves will never truly understand what women go through as mothers we should at least try to scratch the surface. I may be alone in my feelings about this but I think this is one of the most influential classes I have taken at A&M and I will forever remember it.