Apps that will help your business

Almost all apps are run in the cloud now. It used to be you’d get a program, download it to your computer, and have it forever. Now, those apps are stored and used in the cloud. It keeps your data safer, whether that is from criminals trying to steal information or protecting your information from being destroyed in natural disasters. Some apps aren’t worth even trying, but there are a few apps you should look into if you want to make running your business smoother.

Organizing apps

The biggest advantage to owning a business in 2015 is the ability to quickly and easily organize your life with apps. A secretary is still a nice thing to have, but apps make his or her job a lot easier. According to PC Tech Magazine, there are calendar apps that keep track of everything you have to do and remind you to do it. There are contact organizers meaning you no longer need to memorize everything about everyone you’ve ever worked with. Just type it into their contact, and pull it up before meeting again.

Security apps

There are many apps that can help with your security, such as e-signature apps that allow you to store and use your signature easily online, such as DocuSign. It also makes it easier for your customers to sign your contracts. Then there are apps that memorize your passwords for you, and you unlock them with a master password, saving you time and energy memorizing information. This also allows you to have more complicated passwords for everything you do, meaning less of a chance of being hacked.

Working in the cloud

There are now many apps that run your company from the cloud. These are amazing because they can do everything for you and revolutionize the way you think of business. A new SaaS platform called Console is just one example. You can find out more about Console by attending the Console Connect Live event on September 9 in San Francisco. That is where the platform will be officially launched, and you can learn a lot more about how the platform can really help your business take advantage of the cloud.

Communication apps

Every business has social media accounts, but keeping track of them can be very difficult. There are some apps that manage your social media for you and allow you to keep track of everything in one place. On top of that, there are apps that allow group messaging, so you can send mass texts to all of your employees, customers, or vendors giving out important information. These apps make your life way easier because you can communicate at the touch of a button.
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