Team 31:25 Newsletter

November/December 2015

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

Space to Breathe!

Now, More than Ever we are challenged in our efforts
to have balanced, meaningful lives.

What does this mean to you? Do you find it hard to keep up with the day-to-day details of life?
Is it difficult to deal with the constant flood of paper and "stuff" that invades your home and workspace? Do you crave peaceful surroundings, yet find you don't know how to actually bring them into your life?

Organizing and simplifying your home and office environment is a liberating, life-enhancing experience. It will foster productivity, clarity, and peace of mind.
Now that the Christmas Rush is over, Take the time to plant the seeds to book parties or Join our team. Now that orders won't be shipped for Christmas (you will still have a few trickle in), refocus on the other aspects of your business. You now have Space to Breathe in your Business.
Paint the Picture above for your January Hostesses. The awesome special is all about organization. What areas of your hostess's life Pain her the most. How can you help her, reorganize in January~ How can you help her find Space to Breathe.

Market yourself as a professional shopper and organizer.

Work on these things from now until December 22nd. Then take off the rest of the year.
Let me know how I can help you. Keeping the momentum in your business now, will keep you from having to 'Start Over' in January.
xo~ Carlajane

In November we had 7 Parties and the Team Sales of $5,329.00! We are Better Togehter!

Top In Sales in November!

Top Party Sales in November!

  • $1,313.00- Jamie Stein
  • $1,211.00- Michelle Meyers
  • $271.00- Michelle Meyers
  • $210.00- Andrea Patti

Top Party Girls! Together We Held 7 Parties!

Total Parties in November!

  • Michelle Meyers- 2 Parties!

1 Party~
- Jamie Stein!

- Andrea Patti

Mix, match and GIVE the perfect gift! *Thirty-One Gifts December 2015*

Looking Ahead to January!

What's happening in January?

January means a new year and a fresh start – for you and for your Customers and Hostesses! With the hustle and bustle of the holidays over, it’s time to pack away Christmas, send the kids back to school and get the house back in order.

Here’s how you can make the most of your month and finish the Fall/Winter season strong:

  • Party all month long to earn Ready, Set, Sell kits, book your spring and meet potential team members
  • Share with Customers and Hostesses that it’s their last chance to get many Fall/Winter products, including our seasonal Hostess Exclusives and our limited-time collection of holiday styles
  • Watch the January 101 video for more information on monthly specials and making this your best month yet!
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Don't forget to mention the Better Together Startswell at Parties!

Now is the BEST TIME TO JOIN! Your FENCE SITTERS need to join by 12/29 to earn the bonuses :)

Every new Consultant’s first 120 days are broken down into four 30-day segments.

If you submit $600 or more in PV during one of those 30-day segments, you’ll get to choose one of eight kits to help you customize your business. That’s just ONE average party a month, with 10-12 guests.

If you hold TWO average parties in a 30-day period and submit $1,000 PV you’ll earn your choice of kit plus a $100 bonus!

And with $2,400 PV (just four average parties) during a StartSwell period, you’ll earn your choice of kit plus a $250 bonus!

Carlajane Donovan- Team 31:25 Director

I would love to have a one on one with you! Let me help you reach your goals :)
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