Westwood Weekly Family Newsletter

Friday, April 10, 2020

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A.C.E. Award Winners for Third Quarter

Achievement, Citizenship, Effort


Fiona Nale and Franklin Demas

Molly Walsh and Ezra Mattulat

Abby Lee and Paul Winningham

Daniel Lombardo and Rose Oja

First Grade

Javien Brown and Allie Adams

Henry Allen and Olivia Gandolfi

Cora Hensel and Tyler Lemmings

Second Grade

Vanessa Winninghamm and Kane Kidwell

Virginia Goodall and Noah Lear

Michaelann Laramee and Katie Hudia

Third Grade

Gianna Paternite and Danny Zaller

Estelle Raudenbush and James Botti

Brynn Phillips and Adam Freylekhman

Emma Torer, Addison Barnhart and Nicholas Misterka

Fourth Grade

Kaylee Mayer and Sasha Klymenko-Oborskyi

Mandi Petonic and Christos Lewis

Hayley Lessord and Joey DiFrancesco

Fifth Grade

Ryan Day and Gianna Berkley

Charlotte Speyer and Noah Drotos

Ethan Domonkos and Ava Kistler

A Message from Mrs. Cunningham

Hello Westwood Families! I hope you are all healthy and doing well and enjoying the many signs of spring each day with the warmer weather. I also hope everyone has been able to slowly but surely navigate through online learning and the many other adjustments you have made at home. Please know we are here to help, whether by phone, email or Zoom! J

Just a reminder that students can access guidance lessons through my Google Guidance Classrooms. The code for grades K-2 is c34gagu and for grades 3-5, the code is n6nfvuk. The videos and information posted in the classrooms and in the Westwood Newsletter are great ways to stay connected to students and families as well as provide positive social-emotional activities and support.

See my short video with a few helpful tips for students and families at home. Below the video is a daily schedule with ideas for activities for students at home-feel free to use some, all or none of the ideas based on your family's needs and contact me if I can ever be of further assistance.

Until then, take care everyone!!


Meg Cunningham

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Mrs. Cunningham's Sample Daily Schedule for Students

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