Lenape Smoke Signals

Week of October 26 - 30

Upcoming Events

  • October 27, 7:30 PM - CBSD School Board Meeting
  • October 27 & 30 - Wear costumes to school
  • October 30 - CB Mock Election
  • November 3 - Election Day - Virtual Synchronous Learning Day (All students participate live from home)
  • November 10 - End of 1st Marking Period
  • November 10 - Early Dismissal @ 10:45 AM
  • November 11 - Veteran's Day activities in Social Studies/History classes
  • November 11 - Teacher Luncheon
  • November 19, 9:00 AM - Parent Council Meeting
  • November 25-27 - No School for Students

Instructional Delivery Models

As we approach the close of marking period one, I trust that your student has adjusted to the hybrid/online or online-only instructional delivery model, and that routines and norms are beginning to settle in. Our focus continues to be the provision of a high quality education with a focus on teaching and learning, and it is in this context that I am writing to you. We realize that in some instances, the model selected by you and your student at the onset of the semester may not be working as anticipated; therefore, we want you to have the ability to switch models for the second marking period in the event your child is experiencing academic or other difficulties, and would benefit from a model change. To the extent permissible, in accordance with the spacing and social distancing guidelines under which we operate, we will make changes upon your request, as long as we can maintain appropriate spacing. Please contact GSAULLO@CBSD.ORG by no later than Friday October 30th, 2020 if you would like to make a change in your child’s delivery model. Please note that we cannot make changes between hybrid models (moving from H1 to H2); the changes are reserved for a move from virtual to hybrid, or vice-versa. If you do not wish to make a change, there is no need to contact us.

Counselors' Corner

Lenape 7th and 8th graders will be filling out a quick survey sponsored by the Guidance Department. The primary purpose of the survey is to gather interest in potential discussion groups at Lenape. Secondary to that, we would like students to let us know their hobbies and interests most of which are not already captured by a current club, sport, or activity. After we gather their interest, we plan to introduce students in small group by interest. This will allow students to reach out to each other via CB email after the initial meeting to connect about their common interest.


We invite students to dress up in their Halloween costumes on October 27th (Hybrid 1) or October 30th (Hybrid 2).

Veterans Day

We are saddened that we are unable to hold our usual Veterans Day assembly this year. However, the Lenape History Corps is putting together lessons and resources so that we can still recognize and teach students about this important holiday.

We would like to feature videos of Lenape students' family members who have served or are currently serving.

If you are interested, please prepare a 2-3 minute video that includes:

    1. Your name, background, and connection to the community
    2. Any military experiences/highlights
    3. What Veterans Day means to you

If you are interested in contributing a video, please e-mail it to email Gabby Feliciani at gfeliciani@cbsd.org.

Lenape Winter Sports

7th & 8th grade Winter sports at Lenape are Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, and Wrestling.

Family ID will be open on October 25th to register your student. Girls Basketball Tryouts will be on November 16th, 17th & 18th from 3:00 - 4:30PM in the Lenape Gym. Girls basketball games start on December 1st.

Boys Basketball Tryouts will start in January and more information will be coming out later.

Wrestling information will be coming out in the near future.

Please go to https://lenapeathletics.com to register on Family ID. If your student played a fall sport, you will have to complete Section 7 of the PIAA form. If this is the first time your student is playing a sport, your student will need a physical and the PIAA form completed and signed by the doctor and uploaded into Family ID. All of these forms are available on Lenape's Athletics web page (in the black ribbon click on more) at https://lenapeathletics.com.

Any quesitons, feel free to email gsaullo@cbsd.org or lloudenslager@cbsd.org.

Lenape Sports This Week




8th GR FIELD HOCKEY vs. TAMANEND (home 3:15)

8th GR SOCCER vs. TAMANEND (home 3:15)







BOYS TENNIS vs. UNAMI (home 3:15)



8th GR SOCCER @ UNAMI 3:15

7th GR FIELD HOCKEY vs. UNAMI (home 3:15)

7th GR SOCCER vs. UNAMI (home 3:15)



8th GR FOOTBALL vs. TOHICKON (home 3:15)


8th GR SOCCER – open



Lenape Extracurricular Activities

Our student activities clubs and groups are gearing up for a great year! Extra curricular clubs and activities provide students with opportunities to explore interests, make connections with in-class learning, have fun, and make friends. Extra curricular activity meetings are announced in the daily Lenape Morning Announcements e-mails and the activity catalog can be viewed here. At this time, most extracurricular clubs and meetings are being held virtually.

Snow Sports Club

The deadline registration for the Snow Sports Club is Friday, October 30th. Click on Mr. P's teacher's website link to read all the information you need to complete the registration. To view the mandatory meeting that took place on Oct. 1st of the snow sports club click here.

Please e-mail Mr. P with any questions at rprzybylowski@cbsd.org.

Attendance - Reminder

  • Hybrid Students - In Person Days: If a student should be physically present in the building and staying home, we do need this communication to come from the parents or guardians. Please email our attendance office at lenapeattendance@cbsd.org. It is important for us to be able to account for all students for safety reasons. If a student is not in school (but even attending online) the initial absence code will be “absent” until we have a communication from parents. The attendance code will be changed to VP (Virtual Present) once we have the communication from the parent/guardian. We do ask for the communication in advance of the absence so teachers are aware. It also ensures that parents and guardians are aware that the student is at home and has permission.
  • Online Students - Students all Virtual or Hybrid Students on Virtual Days: If a student does not attend class, the student will be marked absent unexcused until we receive communication from parents. If a student logs on but stops engaging in the class, their attendance code will be changed to VC (Virtual Cut).

News From the Nurse - Reminder

I hope you are staying healthy and well during these times! I just want to share a few reminders:

New families:

All new students are required to have an immunization record and a recent physical and dental exam. These forms can be found by clicking here. Please submit these forms to the nurses office as soon as possible.

For 7th grade parents:

7th graders are expected to have (2) vaccines: Tdap and Meningococcal

Typically, these vaccines are due within 10 days of the first day of school. Due to COVID-19, there was given a 60-day extension. These vaccines are now due by November 8th, with exclusion from school beginning November 9th, 2020.

Please contact the health office with an immunization record or a date as to when the vaccines will be administered. A formal letter was sent home on October 8, 2020 if your child was still missing these vaccines.

Also, 7th grade students are required by PA Department of Health to have a dental exam on file with the school. The dental form can be found on my website under “Health Links > Medical Forms” or by clicking here. Please have this submitted as soon as possible!

Thank you & stay healthy!

Mrs. Cichelli

Lenape Teachers' Luncheon - November 11

The Lenape parents are organizing a teachers' luncheon on November 11th. The teachers are working harder than ever this year with so many challenges. Let's show them how much we appreciate them!

Click on the Sign Up Genius link here to sign up to donate an item. Donations can be left on the cart in the vestibule (ahead of the event for non-perishable items) or dropped off on the day of the lunch. Please include an encouraging note - kids can help! Thank you!

Thank you to our sponsors: C&N Bank for generously covering the cost of the sandwiches and to Bagel Barrel for providing them!

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