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The name of the scientific career that I would like to persue and recommend for others is called a Phychiatric and Substance Abuse Doctor. It's where you examine humans who are sick or have been deceased because of substance and abuse related issues. You would work at a hospital in the lab section. Since there are only 14 employers in Wisconsin, it would be slightly difficult to find a job. For your salary, if you we're to do this job in Wisconsin, you would only earn $33,400 a year, but if you did this job somewhere else, the national salary is $38,780 per year. This career is under Life Science because it deals with living organisms. If you have any bad criminal records than you are not qualified for the job because you need to be trustworthy.


You would need a 4 year degree in Life Biology. Life Biology is categorized in life science. It is where where you study about the biology of animals and humans, including actually doing practices in actual labs. Some courses to take would be Anatomy and Cell Biology

Training Schools, Colleges, & Academics


This is not a job I see myself doing because I already have a set idea of what I would like to do when I'm older. Pros of this career would be that you are payed well, and you would be very educated. Cons would be seeing people go through substance abuse everyday.


Here are a couple of Employers in Wisconsin.

Bellin Psychiatric Center Inc. located in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Psychiatric Hospital located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin


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