Escaping into the Night

By: D. Dina Friedman


Halina (a 13 year old girl who is atheism or someone who doesn't believe in god) heard a knock on the door. It was Georg her mom's boyfriend. Georg told Halina her mom was taken by the Naziz. On her way out the door she grabs her moms coat, handkerchief and a picture of her father. Now George leads her to a place where they pair you up with someone else. Then once you are paired up they leave to go find a shelter that will take them in. Halina and her best friend Batya (a 15 year old girl who is Jewish) are paired with three other boys about there age. After they have eaten the two potatoes Batya took from Halina's house, Max, Abel and Batya go to a near by house and try to beg for food. Find out what happens to them in Escaping into the Night.

Halina and Reuven stay behing and wait for them to come back. Then someone caches them but not a Nazi but a man that will help them. He takes them to an underground encampment, there Halina meets a new friend and starts a rock collection with a special lucky rock. They are assigned to jobs. To find out what jobs they have read Escaping into the Night. Find out what happened to Halina's mother. Why does she have a rock collection? What happens at the camp? will they find out what happens to Batya, Abel and Max? To answer all these questions can be answered if you read Escaping into the Night by D. Dina Friedman.

Who would enjoy this book?

I wold recommend this book to a person who wants to know more about the Holocaust. Also if they love suspense and page turning books. No matter if you like Realistic fiction or Historical fiction everyone will love this book.

Most interesting Facts.

  1. If someone suspects you are Jewish they will kill you even if you aren't.
  2. Hews had a really hard life during the Holocaust, such as food they had little or no food for months.
  3. Nazis would kill a person after they give them the information they wanted.
  4. Nazis took everything they wanted when ever they wanted.


Historical fiction