Ridgeview Elementary IC Newsletter

Happenings, Tips, Tricks, and Reflections

Instructional Coaches Goal

Improve student learning by providing continuous, relevant, and job-embedded support to teachers with a focus on:
  • Technology Integration
  • ELL/GT: differentiated instruction
  • Curriculum: 5 non-negotiables & 7,9, 10, 1

Coaching Cycles Filled!

Wow! I am thrilled to starting 4 new coaching cycles in mid January! Kara, Shannon, Lori, Crystal and Rhonda, thank you for volunteering to have me in your classrooms! My last coaching cycle will be from March-May. Please let me know if you would like to to pencil you in for it.

My Schedule...

I will be at RV all week, with the exception to Thursday.
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Way to Go!

Starting in January I would like to start sharing some of the great work you are doing with your students day in, day out! This will give you an opportunity to get some amazing ideas from your colleagues.

This Week:

+Big shout out to everyone for participating in learning walks! It was amazing to hear all of the great self reflections on how far we have came in the last year! Keep up the hard work!

+Thank you for participating in Hour of Code! Huge shout out to the 5th graders who not only learned how to code but also used their iPads to teach the Kindergartners how to code!

Technology Integration

ACCESS Practice Test & Testing Schedule

Tonia will be offering time for to complete the ACCESS practice test, Wednesday morning from 8:05-10:00am.

If this time does not work for you please find time to administer the practice assessments on your own. Here are the links:

Here is the link to the test demo: http://assets.drcedirect.com/States/WIDA/Tutorials/Student/201510-html5/201510-html5.html

Here is the link to the test practice: https://wbte.drcedirect.com/WIDA/portals/wida

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