Water Consumption

By: Zach c. Jaryn p. David b.


We believe that if we start small and go big we can prevent water loss. To start you should only be able to use your bathtub twice a month because an average bath tube uses 70 gallons to fill completely, and a shower uses 15 - 20 gallons for 5 minutes.

Secondly everyone needs to own a Sawyer Mini water Purifier. They should because it's only $20 and purifies 100,000 gallons. The two best things about it is that it purifies salt water and you drink threw the purifier like a straw.

Lastly, and the long term ideal is to use a 60 gallon drum and hook it up to all of your gutters so the water drains into them and then you could also purify it with the Sawyer mini water Purifier. This can transfer hundreds of thousands of gallons of water that's unusable, into hundreds of thousands of gallons that's drinkable.


Life by the Drop: Running Dry in Robert Lee | David Bush

In this article he talks about how his city had no water and no way to get. But big problems make you do big things, they thought underground. 2.8 million dollars later they had made a 12 mile pipeline that got them water. Ever body help with the money and the labor, since they all were going to use it. On May 22, the pipe kicked in. “That’s the first night I slept all night in a long time. You don’t think about it until the time gets tight, but your decisions have a lot to do with the lives of lots of folks.” How are we going to help the other cities?

Water Conservation | Zachary Canada

The article I read was about how the earth is made up of 70% water but only about 2% of it is drinkable. I goes into depth about thinking before you turn the water on if you really need to or just want to. Also it says how everything needs water to live so it runs down really quick.

Home and Gardening By KAREL HOLLOWAY | Jaryn Poynter

This summary is about trying to be really conservative and trying not to be wasteful with water or rain water. Another thing it talks about is grass could be turf because it wouldn't have to be water.

Early Texans Meeting water Needs

Well the culture affected all the regions because they were cultural and they didn’t have great technology or maybe not any technology. So they stuck with what they could do to, to what they need to do it with. Their technology was like wells and then they had like lakes and they were really good lake water. Also even though the technology back then was a little bad but at least they did what they could do.

Well early Texans had a low population and their water needs were not so high because there went really a lot of people to share the water with. But now the water needs is really up there because the 26.96 million people want the water that Texas has and if they don’t get it Texas water needs is going to accelerate.

The applications of water use back then were way different because they only had so many resources to use to get the water needs met for their needs they had like ocean water that way back then could take the salt out of the water. Also wells were a primary source of early Texans. Now the applications now days are different because we have way better technology to help meet the water needs now days. So the applications now include water purifiers that take bad stuff out of water and help you not to get sick easier also barrels that collect rain water and then a purifier to purify the rain water so it is clean to drink the water that come outs of the sky. Well these needs make us look for different solutions because there is always room for more and the technology is booming with all great ideas there will be a huge breakthrough in water needs and everybody will have water and different ways to conserve water will be coming in with great ideas. These ideas will conclude of like desalination stations like near coasts and then great water better than tap water, and the water will be in streams and rivers and maybe even lakes that are already purified.

Well the weather patterns affected early Texans supply of water by because in the Region Mountain and Basin it doesn’t really rain that much and they won’t have enough water in the long run because it doesn’t really rain down there. But if you live in the coastal plains it rains a lot there and there is going to be a lot of water down there because it rains down there. Yes there has been a lot of evidence that there have been droughts because Texas can be really hot and then it snows the next day. Also I looked up that there could be a possible drought for three years straight and then we really need to conserve our water. Well they saved and contained the water that they had also maybe they got their hands on aqua fire under the ground.

Possible Solutions

Well the physical characteristics of the four regions are the Mountain and Basin region is really hot and is the driest place in Texas, also it doesn’t rain as much as the people there would like it to rain. The coastal plains is really good with rain and the people there have so much water because it rains a lot like weekly or maybe even daily if it is rain season. The Great Plains has some rain but not a lot because it has a lot of farming there so it has to rains a lot so the crops can grow and be good to eat and use. Since the North Central Plains is close to the Coastal it gets somewhat of a lot of water that comes in also it is like humid and hot but it can rain the next day.

Well the weather patterns are affecting our need for water because we are currently in a huge drought, also maybe it doesn’t rain at all over there and then it rains so much over here that it floods the whole city. And the city that gets no rain needs water badly and then the city that flooded would have to get and provide the city with no water.

The available technology that we have to help us meet our increasing water needs would be something like many water pumps connected to the ocean to pump water or lake water into filters, which would be a bigger idea than the Sawyer Mini Water Purifier, and would also be another long term.

We use about 116,800,000,000,000 gallons of water a year and from charts it appears that is goes up about 100,000,000,000,000 gallons each year. So in five years we think our water usage per year will be about 121,000,000,000,000 gallons. and in 50 years it will be 176,000,000,000,000 gallons, and in 100 years it will be 216,000,000,000,000 gallons of water.

Well since it is the glory days for technology there I like hose purifiers. Also there is tap water purifier there is like everything for purifiers. Also some people are using aqua fire t drink nut still we have o still conserve our water carefully.