3rd-5th Grade Discipline Model

Supported by Ms. Anderson

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Ms. Anderson’s Non-Negotiables:

  • Essential Agreements should be posted where students can refer to daily.
  • Parent contact must be made within 24 hours of reported misbehavior via phone call, not text or email.
  • Parent Contact Logs should be available upon request.

Research states teachers should:

1. Select and define clear expectations & routines in class.

2. Teach behavior & routines directly (in all settings).

3. Actively monitor student behavior.

4. Acknowledge and reward appropriate behavior.

With the help of Admin we will:

5. Review data to make decisions based on what’s best for students.

6. Correct behavioral errors.

Tier One: (3-5 Teachers)

  • Essential Agreements/School-wide Rules

Tier Two: (3-5 Office Referrals) (Ms. Anderson will assign)

  • Modification of procedures/academic restructuring
  • Increased supervision
  • Target small group instruction in social skills with Counselor
  • Simple individualized behavior plan/ Check in-Check out Plan/ Contracts
  • Home-School behavior connection plan
  • School based mentor
  • Lunch Buddy
  • Teacher Character Lessons/Social Skills Training with guidance from Counselor

Tier Three: (Intervention Team will assist)

  • Intervention Team
  • Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Counseling Time (outside provider)

3rd-5th Grade Rewards: (Ms. Anderson will assign)

  • Morning News “Shout Out”
  • Panther Store
  • Smart Dollars
  • Good Phone Calls Home
  • Student of the Month
  • “Caught Being Good” Certificates
  • School Dance
  • Popcorn Party
  • EOY Pep Rally

3rd-5th Grade Consequences: (Ms. Anderson will assign)

  • Verbal Warning (Conversation with Ms. Anderson)
  • Loss of Recess/ Time Out
  • Phone Call home (Teacher & Admin)
  • Parent Conference (Teacher, Student, Admin)

Refer to Chart for Referral Process

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