British Clombia


Major cities

Capital in BC is victory. The biggest city in BC is Vancouver. other cities are abbstford, Kelowna.

Now ill show you a pic of Victoria.

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Some tourism is costal mountains islands and Kooteny Rockies the kootenay Rockies are a famous part of the Rocky mountain's.

Here is a pic of Kootenay Rockies.

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Major landforms

some major landforms are Rocky mountains fjords and rivers and islands.

Here's a video of a fjord in BC.

Gibbs Fjord: few people have ever seen this beautiful place.


The location is south of Yukon, north of United States, west of Alberta, and east of Pacific Ocean.

Here is a map of BC.

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Natural resources

some resources are wood, fruit, vegies, meat and fish.

Here's a pic of resources.

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Wonder Questions

1.what does the flag look like in BC.

The answer is above^^^^^^^^^^^^up there.

2.when was BC founded.

BC was founded in 1858.

Here's a video walkthough of BC.

The Wild Within: British Columbia, Canada