Harry Potter Club

K12 International Academy

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Welcome to Hogwarts!

We are super excited to have you join us in club this year! We will gather together once a month to discuss all things Harry Potter, play some games, discuss the books and movies, and relive our favorite moments from the series in discussions. Stay tuned for the first meeting coming soon!
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You can search for Harry Potter, a specific book, or a "house" or create your own!

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Search for Harry Potter Quizzes or make your own from others!

Harry Potter Discussion Guides

Material to guide Group Discussions about the books or certain topics.

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Lots of fun stuff here!

Harry Potter at schmoop.com

Lots of links to resources on all the books and movies. Beware of ads!

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How to Draw, story writing templates...

What is your Harry Potter name?

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Have you taken the Sorting Quiz yet?

Sign up for Pottermore, then go to the Sorting Quiz. Find out if you are a Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or Hufflepuff!

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