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2020-21 School Year

Dear Families

Hello! Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up soon! Below, is a button to schedule times for this year's all virtual conferences on 11/4 and 11/5. Once you press the button it will take you to a spreadsheet. Once in the spreadsheet, you will click on the teacher's name of whom you would like to schedule a conference. Please take a look at the time slots and sign up for a time that works best for you. We look forward to seeing you all and touching base with all of the progress made so far this year.

This Week in 7th Grade

This week, we are looking at some of the ways that rules and expectations are displayed @ Barry. Enjoy!

Important Dates at a glance

END OF QUARTER- Friday 10/23

Vocal Music:10/23 - A Day Due Date & 10/26 - B Day Due Date: Soundtrack of My 2020 Year Project Due.

Vocal Music: 10/29 - A Day Vocab Quiz, 10/30 - B Day Vocab Quiz

Core Class Information

Jennifer Morelock


7th Grade Math

This week we took our Topic 1 test over rational numbers. Next week we will be starting Topic 2 which is all about proportions. Proportions are a huge part of 7th grade math so this will be a big topic!

Nichole Sullinger


7th Grade Science

On Thursday (10/22) I sent an email if your student has any missing assignments. Students have until Monday, October 26th to submit any missing assignments. I am staying current with my gradebook, so the gradebook reflects if I have received your student's assignments or not. I am noticing a lot of students submitting the assignments, but forgetting to send an email to me let me know they have completed the assignments. I do not receive notifications when students submit their assignments, so communicating with me is a very important step when submitting late assignments. We are taking our test over Motion, Force, Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration today (for Group A) and on Monday (for Group B). I will be adding in the test scores to the gradebook as the come in, so students know what their 1st Quarter grade will be. If you are in Group B, your score will say EXEMPT until you take it on Monday! My intention is to add this to quarter 1 grade card, so the retake process will be super quick. All corrections need to submitted to me by Monday, as well. The correction form can be found in Google Classroom under Resources. Our next unit will be Newton's Laws. I am very excited as this is usually a lot of activities and labs, so I am still going to try and maintain a safe way to engage learning. At the end of the unit (right before Thanksgiving Break), we will be completing a version of an egg drop with cars. I will need more supplies this year as we will be doing this individually, so if you would like to send in supplies, I will send out a Survey Monkey Sign Up Sheet at the beginning of the November. I have been so impressed with you this year and you are making this year so much fun! Keep up the great work, 7th Grade!!

Tyrone Seymour


7th Grade Social Studies

Next week we will be Learning the Basics of Judaism. Our learning will include the main beliefs of Judaism as well as a short lesson on the causes and effects of the Holocaust on Judaism and the world. We will also begin to learn the basics of Christianity toward the end of the week.

Chris Ruiz


7th Grade ELA

This week, students began to conquer the constructed response format: A - Answer the question in a complete question. P - Provide evidence for your answer, and E - Explain how the evidence supports your answer. Notes on this format can be found on Google Classroom. We also took our unit test on the parts of speech. Grades for students who completed the test are available on student portal. If students are unhappy with the grade they received, they can retake the unit test after having turned in missing work, and emailing both myself and parents / guardians about their intention to retake the test.

Mr. Cerutti


Algebra tested this week over solving equations and inequalities. They will begin a unit over linear equations in slope-intercept, point-slope, and standard forms next week and will likely test before Thanksgiving. Pre-Algebra worked on rational number operations (which are the same as the integer operations that their first section covered). They will test over this sometime in the next couple of weeks.

From your Elective Teachers


Students continue writing simple programs for their microcontrollers, as well as focusing on the writing of algorithms and creating of flowcharts for them. So far, we have only tackled linear algorithms and programs. Soon, we will move on to conditional, non-linear algorithms and programs. On virtual days, students will find their assignments in Google Classroom.

- Mrs. Delaney

PE / Health

We are finishing up our Archery Unit and will start our Soccer and Eclipse Ball activities next. We will also start working on our fitness testing and will be completing that over the next few weeks. Our next Virtual PE Notebook assignment will be the Vocabulary section and we will be discussing the details of that next week.

-Coach Milne


This week students finished sculpting their clay tiki assignments and glazed, if they finished early. Next week we will begin our watercolor unit. Students will take a pre-assessments and notes relating to watercolor techniques and color theory.

-Mr. Elliott

World Languages

7th Graders will finish up their study of French numbers to 30 (including telling time and ages). They will begin their last topic for French, which will be the House/Colors unit. Since first quarter was cut short by our late start this school year, I am extending our study of French by a few days into 2nd quarter, and also eliminating the calendar unit.

-Mrs. Lackey

Vocal Music

Soundtrack of My 2020 Year Project Due dates for the "Soundtrack of My 2020 Year" Project were pushed back one full in-person day to allow students a little more in class work time. The new due dates are: A Day - Friday, October 23rd & B Day - Monday, October 26th. Quarter 1 Vocabulary Quiz Students will be receiving a study guide for their Quarter 1 Vocabulary Quiz: A Day will receive theirs on Friday, October 23rd and B Day on Monday, October 26th. The Quarter 1 Vocab Quiz will take place at the end of next week: A Day's Quiz Date - Thursday, October 29th & B Day's Quiz Date - Friday, October 30th. Even though the quiz is a review of vocabulary words from Quarter 1, the grade for the quiz will show up in their Quarter 2 gradebook.


Each week, students are assigned a Practice Journal, which are weekly practice assignment logs that show students what they should be working on at home each day of the week. Band students are expected to practice their instrument for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to reinforce skills learned in class. Additionally, each week students are assigned a song from the practice journal to record and submit for a quiz grade on Flipgrid. They are assigned on Monday with the Practice Journal and due every Friday. Please encourage your student to play their assignments for you, and continue to work with your student to create a routine around instrument practice, as it is crucial for continued success in band!

-Miss. Chesney