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December 4th, 2020

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Teacher Feature - Mrs. O


As many people do, I experienced heartache, struggles, and setbacks in my youth (divorce of parents, mother working 2-3 jobs, lack of food and clothing at times, fire that destroyed much of what we had, difficulty focusing and doing well in school- amongst other things). The beauty in all of this was that my sisters and I formed unbreakable bonds and my love and respect for my mother became limitless (she was the one who always encouraged us to go to college, so that our lives could be better). Of equal importance were the many “angels” who showed up in my life: Teachers like Mr. Lombardi, Mr. Case, and Mrs. Chavez; and my EOPS Counselor Mrs. Ready, in college. Through them I innately comprehended and embraced the power that love, support, and encouragement can have on a person’s (my) life: I went from being a C- student in high school to a straight A student in college. Without them, I would not have learned to believe in myself, work so hard, and reach higher than I felt able/deserving.

I am grateful for every hardship and every blessing; as they created my passion for helping our youth, seeing their potential- even when they/others do not, and working alongside professionals (school staff and community members) who are committed to doing the same.

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When I am not at McKinley I enjoy spending time with my family (husband, children, grandchildren, parents, and sisters & their families) as much as possible. I also love to decorate for the holidays and in general, cook, kayak, and visit the ocean.

Holiday Spirit Days Coming Soon!

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Let's Keep Everyone Healthy and Our School Open

We are so happy to be able to give parents the choice for in person instruction for their children. Working together we can ensure that schools stay open. We are asking every family to please do the following:

1. Screen your child for symptoms each morning before sending them to school.

2. Keep your child home for at least 3 days if they are not feeling well - sick children should not be at school regardless of the cause of the illness.

3. Keep the lines of communication with the school open - we all want what is best for your child and working together we can accomplish that!

Because of the nature of our current reality, it is critical that our nurse’s office knows of any pre-existing medical conditions of your child, particularly if the symptoms might mirror those of COVID19. For example, if your child has asthma or seasonal allergies, he or she might frequently sneeze, have a runny nose or a cough. We can better support your child if we are already aware of a pre-existing condition. Please call us if this applies to you.

Reading Activities at Home

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There are Benefits of Reading the Same Book Over and Over

If you’re tired of reading the same book over and over to your child, take heart, there are many benefits of reading the same book over and over. Studies show that re-reading the same book helps children comprehend the story and the information presented. Research also shows that children who are read the same story several times learn words quicker than those who hear a wider variety of stories with less repetition.

If you are craving a little variety, These suggestions will add a little change to the monotony while aiding in your child’s understanding:

  • On one reading, look at and discuss the illustrations.
  • On another day, find ways to relate parts of the story to your child’s own life experiences. “There’s a train. Remember when you saw a train. Do you remember the sound it made?”
  • When the story is familiar to your child, invite your child to fill in words. “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of ….”


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This month we are talking about Cooperation!

Cooperation is about making sure we know how to be on a team or work in a group towards a common goal. Here is the definition we are using:

Cooperation: Working together and helping others.

We want all of our little Mallards to know how to work hard on their own. But, just as important, we want them to know what it looks like to be a part of a really supportive, helpful, empowering team. We will be thinking about the skills needed to work together well and how each of us contributes to a group in big and small ways. We will think about our strengths and our areas of growth. We will take part in fun challenges to put our teamwork to the test and grow, together, toward the common goal of a more helpful, kind, cooperative world!

Our Staff

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