The Dab

How the Dab was created

including not real creator of football John Dab

Hello. I'm Cam Newton, and I'm famous for being awesome and dabbing a lot, but I wasn't the one who created the dab, oh no, I just love dabbing after everything. Today, I will tell you how the dab was created.

It was around when football was just invented, it was created by John Dab. John would play football a lot, and he really enjoyed playing with his friends. One day, he scored a touchdown, and he sneezed, yet at that time while his other hand shot out straight forward. He called this, a dab. After he scored more and more touchdowns he started to dab. Sadly John Died three years after he created football, but his move the dab, still lives on. And that is how the Dab was invented.

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