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The Savior of The British

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Churchill the current prime minister of Britain has had quiet the history defending his country. Churchill was in government during world war 1 where after his major loss at Gallipoli he resigned to enter the British army. He then later climbed up the British parliament after speaking out against the previous prime minister Neville Chamberlain. He once said "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never,never...Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." showing his attitude about how he wants his soldiers to fight and how he wanted his people to live.

Battle of Britian

The Germans attacked the island of Britian on July 10th until October 30th in 1940. As the Germans flew over the English Channel they would bomb factories and other places that were aiding he British war efforts. This accidentally changed when Germany bombed a residential area causing the Britsh to bomb factories in Berlin. The British fighters were so much faster than better armed Germans. This was one of the very first definitive losses the Germans faced.

American Isolationism

The Americans become more and more isolated after each day. Franklin Roosevelt keeps broadcasting his messages about how to fix the bank crisis and the crippling recession. We also keep our isolation by sending our weapons and ammo to these foreign nations without getting into the actual fight. Finally we isolate ourselfs by just giving even farther into the blockade with our ships and sailors but no actual ground or air forces are being deployed solitifing how isolated we truly are from our European allies.

We Need to Aid Our British Allies

As our allies over in Britain are being bombed day and night what are we doing? Nothing thats what. As the U.S sits Idly by, we let the german War machine get that much closer to ruling all of Europe. After Europe falls who will they target next? Their attention will turn to us. This reporter calls upon the U.S government to do something to aid the British in their fight or we may be swallowed by the hungry German machine.

Japans March Through the Pacific

Japan's imperialistic March continue through the Pacific as they take the phillipean islands from the US. Japan currently has control of a large part of China and many of its neighboring Pacific Islands. US officials are not worried about an attack from Japan even after the oil embargo declared on Japan.
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The British blockade during the battle of the Atlantic

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The Luftwaffe flying over the English Channel