Yellow Fever

By: Bobby Drysdale, Sam Flynn, and Austin Reich

Yellow Fever is a Viral disease

The virus that causes yellow fever is called "flavivirus". This virus in enveloped, and about 50 nm in diameter. This virus is in the cocci class since it has a spherical shape.


-The majority of people infected with yellow fever virus have no illness or only mild illness

-In People that do develop symptoms the incubation period is typically 3-6 days

- Initial symptoms include sudden fever, chills, severe headache, back pain, general body aches, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and weakness

-Roughly 15% of cases go into a more serve stage of there illness, where symptoms include high fever, jaundice, bleeding, and shock and failure of multiple organs

How you can get Yellow fever

Yellow fever is caused by a virus which is carried and spread by Mosquitos. You can obtain the disease if you are bitten by a mosquito that carries the virus. Yellow fever is common in South America and Africa.

Preventment and Treatment

Yellow fever is best prevented with a vaccine. Travelers to any area where Yellow fever is common should always be vaccinated before going to these areas. Other ways to prevent yellow fever is wearing protective clothing that covers your skin and using insect repellent.

There is no specific treatment or way to cure yellow fever yet. Care for yellow fever is based on the severity of your symptoms.

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