Once I Thought I Was A Slut,

Then I Realized I Was Acting Like A MAn

Temptation is a woman's weapon and man's excuse. - H L Mencken

I'm gonna be blunt,

and tell you that this is about rape. "Rape?", you wonder -- does not everyone think that is wrong? How is this an argument? We all know rape is bad, right? Not necessarily.

These days it seems acceptable to justify rape under certain conditions.

What were they wearing?
Who who they with?
what time was it?
Where were they at? where did they go?
Did they say or do anything to provoke their rapist?

Thing is, that doesn't make any sense! What does any of these things have to do with the crime itself? Rape is wrong! No matter these conditions.

It Has Got To Stop

So how can we stop rape itself? Well clearly our justice system and the way we go about bringing justice to rape victims isn't making an effort. There is nothing to deter rapists from raping again -- what is a handful of years in jail to a rapist? which is why we need a more strict and severe punishment to rapists. Because rapists don't just stop at one person. Solution?

snip, snip

what strikes more fear into the heart of a rapist than getting their genitalia chopped off? If it were actually allowed, how much would the rape statistic decrease if there was actually more of an effort to deter the crime at its core? literally! I have no sympathy for rapists -- it is the lowest, most cowardly form of expressing power of someone that there is. It is physically, mentally and emotionally damaging. A fate worse than death. It is only fair that justice should inflict a similar condition upon them.

However that it a bit extreme....so in the elementary, practical and realistic sense, the way we can prevent the trivialization of rape and rape survivors is to stomp out rape in its simplest form; sexual harassment. The more we utter things like "she's asking for it," and think it is okay to keep hounding a girl after she has said no --- that is where rape and rape apology stem from.

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What is right to say? What is wrong to say? Is there really such a thing as right or wrong rape, and do they deserve it?

Does Clothing Have Anything To Do WIth Standards or Availability? Is clothing an indicator of a pick-me-up?

NO. Clothes have nothing to do with it. The only reason girls who dress provocatively are targeted is because it is easier material for a rapists to tear through but it is no element that plays a big reason in rapists to rape. There have been women who have been targeted in khakis and a sweater -- hardly revealing.

Other people also find it a threat if women are less dressed because of this idea that a women can't like/want sex or be promiscuous

POINT BEING? It doesn't matter if that girl is butt naked, there is still no reason to be creepy.

One never hears about what a man was wearing when he is raped; and yes, a man is well capable of being sexually violated, by another man or a woman -- so why the indignity when the victim is a woman? Because the 21st century is still sexist, that is why, and this is why sexual harassment and rape is still supposedly an ambiguous topic for our century... but really there is no ambiguity, it is just a way to justify people doing bad things!!

"But There really ARE women who dress scantily for attention..."

So what? And? The point being? Yeah, there are women who dress provocatively. The only thing those women desire are a few drinks, a good time, and yeah, maybe a little something something, but on her terms and conditions. She will get to say when and where and how, and promiscuity hardly warrants a claim on that woman's body.

"Better sexy and racy than sexist and racist" -Stephen Fry

Consent Is Sexy!

Talk consensually to me baby!

Yes = affirmative.
No = negative.
'No' does not mean 'maybe' and 'No' does not mean 'convince me'.

Anyone every remember the 'No No Square' song back in elementary?

Consent is not at a party, consent is not a few drinks, consent is not drugs, consent is not force or external pressure! consent is a yes. If one is not sure, it is probably best not to take chances. Rape isn't just strangers or creepers in back alley ways. More often than not, if happens with acquaintances or friends or even a significant other, and for some reason that is more of an abstract concept to grasp than being raped by a stranger. In fact more cases where the victim knew the rapists will be scoffed at more so because others will assume the victim is lying or making it up.

Again, rape is wrong no matter the context of the situation.

"Blurred Lines"? Honey let me explain you a thing,

"Women like rape"

I have actually heard this uttered aloud. several times.

My response?
Snip, snip

In short, victim blaming? Not cool. And highly illogical

The next time you see nice legs, daisy dukes, an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, you RESPECT IT!

No one thinks they're the villain of the story but if they tell it convincingly and often enough, people start to believe it.


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