Term 4 RFF

Teacher: Mrs C Dodman (Banda)

Exploring Wet and Dry Environments with Stage 1

K/1 Ella have been busy researching animals in Wet and Dry Environments. They were recently given the opportunity to use the wonderful resources we have at CPS! Using their computer skills, they were encouraged to research an animal of their choice. I asked students to document the name of the animal, location, habitat, what it eats and draw a detailed diagram. Students in K/1E enjoyed this task as they wanted to keep on researching!
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In stage 3, students' recently engaged in a fun task which involved creating a replica of an earthquake using sponges as the building and play dough to represent tectonic plates colliding. Then, students' observed and explained what occurred before, during and after.

Another rich task that Stage 3 engaged in was making a seismograph and testing it out!

While one student abruptly shook the table, another student pulled and another student freely moved the texta along the page. This was a fantastic experience as students got to make their own seismograph.

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-Mrs C. Dodman (Banda)