Ozobots in the Classroom

May Voltz


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  • Ozobot is a tiny robot that holds a TON of fun!
  • Ozobots use colored pathways!
  • Ozobot will travel on a black pathway and follow the commands of certain color combinations along the path.
  • To take it a step further, Ozobot can be programmed using ozoblockly.com! Allow students of ANY age to code their new favorite robot!

How to Use Ozobot:

There are four ways that we are highlighting that you can use the Ozobot! Included with each way is a video or a link to show you what it looks like to use your Ozobot in that way!

1. Draw the path for your Ozobot using the key provided in the kit. The color codes tell the Ozobot what commands to follow on the path! No programming needed!

2. Using the Ozobot app! Once students have learned to draw their paths, the app can be used to create paths faster. Draw the path with your fingers and drag in the codes very easily! Explore built in tracks already created in the app!

3. Use the Ozogroove app! Who doesn't want to see their Ozobot dance? Have a dance party with your Ozobots!

4. Use ozoblockly.com to code the Ozobots yourself. Once students are familiar with the Ozobot, allow them to code the Ozobot themselves! The app can be used from kindergarteners to high schoolers - dive in and let your students try it! (Check out the bowling activities at the bottom of this more!)

Draw the Path Using the Key

Ozobot in Action (1)
Ozobot Goes Turbo
Draw a Path for Ozobot

Using the Ozobot App

Ozobot App

Using the Ozogroove App


Use Ozoblockly.com to Code the Ozobot Yourself!

Let's Go Bowling!

Your goal is to knock down as many pins as you can using Ozobot. You can choose to "Bowl with Markers" or "Bowl with Code."

Bowl With Markers

1. Place one or more bowling pins on corners or intersections of the grid. Ozobot must travel to those locations to knock down the pins.

2. Figure out which way Ozobot needs to go and use directional codes to program Ozobots path.

3. Speed codes may also be helpful.

4. Good Luck!

Ozobot Bowling

Bowl With Code

1. Place one or more bowling pins on any of the round markers on the lane.

2. Decide what moves Ozobot needs to make to knock down the pins.

3. Use Ozoblockly.com to program Ozobot.

4. Good Luck!

Calibrating and Loading Your Ozobot

Calibrate your Ozobot
Bowling with Ozobot

After Exploration and Discovery

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