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Dodd City Elementary School

This newsletter is your "one-stop shop" for basic information about school. I hope you find it to be of value. Please let us know how we can make it better!


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The school day

Arriving before 7:30? Please go to the cafeteria.

Arriving after 7:30? Please go straight to class.

The Tardy bell rings at 7:50.

Dismissal is at 3:25.

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Because your child's safety is important to us, we have developed these guidelines for drop-off and pick-up.


1) You may walk your child into class until 7:50 when the tardy bell rings.

2) Please park in the lot across the street and walk across using the crosswalk.

3) Remember that our teachers are preparing for their day. If you wish to speak with them about a school matter, please schedule a conference.

4) If dropping off in the car circle, please do not leave your car unattended at any time. The car line must keep moving. Encourage your child to have their things ready to exit the car quickly.


1) The car line may be long, but we keep it moving as quickly as possible.

2) Do not drive around, or "skip", other cars in line.

3) If you are walking up to pick up, please please please use the crosswalk ONLY. You will be stopped if attempting to cross the car circle on foot.

4) If walking up, please wait on the sidewalk next to the building. Your child's teacher will allow your child to come to you.

5) If you must approach the bench, please do so from behind so that the sidewalk in front of the benches can be kept clear.

6) All JH/HS students are to be picked up on the other side of the building. We do not have room on the benches for them to wait with younger siblings.

More information is available on the district website.

Tardy Bell

Being on time to school helps your child and teacher begin their day in a positive manner.

1) Students are tardy if not in their classrooms at 7:50 when the tardy bell rings.

2) Please do not drop off students who are tardy in the car circle. Someone must sign them in at the office. A note will be sent home if a student is being dropped off to enter the building alone when tardy.

3) After 3 tardies, a note will be sent home.

4) After 6 tardies, a conference will be requested.


We must have a note on file in order to excuse any absence. Please send the note the day your child returns to school.

If a pattern of absences develops, documentation will be kept, and truancy proceedings may begin. State law governs the number of absences required in order to receive credit for the school year. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

Leaving early?

All students leaving early must be signed out in the front office. Please be prepared to show identification.

The school understands that there are times when necessary appointments must be made during the school day. We ask, however, that these be made as late in the day as possible and kept at a minimum.

Our teachers plan instruction from bell-to-bell, and we believe that the best instructional opportunities occur when experienced in class. Makeup up work cannot replace "real-time instruction.

A note will be sent home, or a conference requested, should a pattern of leaving early develop.

Transportation Changes

If there will be a change in your child's end-of-day transportation, please call the office before 2:30, if at all possible.

Please do not message (email, text) your child's teacher with a transportation change. Call the front office only.

Changes in General

Please contact the front office immediately should the following change:

*phone number


*emergency contact list

*custody arrangements (must have legal documentation on file with principal)

Dress Code

The Dodd City ISD student dress code is found in the Student Handbook (found online at Each parent/guardian is expected to read it carefully.

A note will be sent home the first time a student is in violation of the dress code. We will call home and ask for a change of clothes to be brought to school for additional violations.

Transfer Students

We consider it a privilege to attend Dodd City Schools. As such, students living outside of our district boundaries must meet or exceed the high standards we expect of a Dodd City Hornet.

Each year, students who live outside of our district's geographic boundaries will be required to complete a transfer application. Administration will review each application on the following basis:

*Academic record (passing all courses, state assessments)

*Attendance record (95% attendance/no pattern of tardiness)

*Behavior record (no major violations, no pattern of violations of any manner - including dress code)

After review, notice will be sent home regarding the student's transfer status.


Please follow these steps should your child need to take medication at school:

*Bring the medication to the front office (in it's original container).

*Complete the necessary paperwork granting the school permission to dispense medication

The school cannot give students any type of medication without parent/guardian permission.

Additional information may be found in the Student Handbook.


A Hornet Pride Rally is held at the end of each grading period. The following awards shall be given:

*Reading Achievement Awards

*Super Scientist

*Mighty Mathematician

*Dodd City Way award: For students exhibiting Dodd City Way traits of being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready

*Super Stinger award: For students who show exceptional effort, grit, and perseverance in academics

*Perfect Attendance: Official attendance record that is reported to the state at the official attendance-taking time (may have tardies/early sign-outs).

*Jumping for George: To qualify, a student must have perfect attendance (no tardies/early sign-outs) and outstanding conduct (95%)

Additional awards may be given depending upon the time of year, etc.

Progress Reports/Report Cards

Progress Reports shall be sent home following approximately four weeks of instruction.

*The progress report MUST be signed and returned to school if your child has an average grade of 75 or below in any subject.

Report Cards shall be sent home following each nine week grading period.

*The report card MUST be signed and returned to school if your child has an average grade of 75 or below in any subject.

In addition, a weekly progress report shall be sent home for any student with an average of 75 or below in any subject.

Special School Events

Look for information about the following fun events! We will be reaching out for volunteers for many of these. The more the merrier!

*Meet the Teacher

*Boo Hoo's and Ya Hoo's (for new PreK parents)

*Dodd City Education Foundation Gala

*Fall Festival

*PTO meetings

*Career Day

*Meet the Author

*Fire Prevention Programs

*Kindergarten Elegant Party

*Thanksgiving Feast

*Scholastic Book Fairs

*Basketball Tournament

*Santa Store

*Christmas Parties

*Hornet Pride Rallies

*UIL Competition (grades 2-5)

*Muffins with Moms

*Donuts with Dads

*Sky Ranch (5th grade)

*Movie Nights

*Field Day

*Teacher Appreciation Week

*Kindergarten Graduation


All visitors must sign in at the front office and receive a visitor's badge. This badge must be worn at all times while in the building.

All visitors found to be without a badge will be asked to return to the office to sign in.


The cost for breakfast is $1.25 and the cost for lunch is $2.50. Payment may be made to Mrs. Spindle in the cafeteria, to your child's teacher, or in the front office.

You are welcome to eat lunch with your child at school. Please come by the front office first to receive a visitor's badge.


We welcome birthday celebrations at school. To protect instructional time, we request that these take place right after the student's lunchtime, at the picnic tables on what we call "The Porch." Simply notify your child's teacher in advance so she can plan for this.

Any items brought for celebrations will be brought to the front office. The campus secretary will take them to the student's class.

After School Care

After-School Care is provided for students in grades PK-6. The cost is $4 per day, per child.

All students must be picked up by 5:45. A late fee of $1 per minute, per child will be assessed for late pick-ups. A good phone number must be on file before any student can stay in day care.

Pick-ups are through the playground gate to the door marked "Day Care." Each student must be signed out.

A sign-up table will be available during Meet the Teacher for this service, however, you may call the front office at any time if you need your child to stay at day care.

Payment is preferably made in advance, but may be paid by the day as well. Accounts will be kept, and notice will be sent home should a balance reach $100. Your child will not be allowed to stay in day care should balances not be paid.

Behavior expectations during day care are high. Only students who make positive behavior choices will be allowed to utilize day care.

Electronics (phones, tablets, etc.) and toys from home are not allowed in day care and will be kept in backpacks.


We believe that Dodd City ISD provides an educational opportunity unmatched by any surrounding school. Our teachers diligently prepare thoughtful, engaging, and research-based instruction daily.

Please encourage your child to come to school ready to learn each day. The following are some "tried-and-true" ways to help support your child's learning:

*Read every day.

*Check the backpack every day.

*Return all forms, letters, etc. the next day.

*Reach out to the teacher should you have any questions or concerns about any school-related matter.

Hornet Pride Folders

The HP folders will come home each Tuesday. This folder is where you will find notes, graded papers, report cards, progress reports, etc. It should be signed and returned the following day.

Bringing Items From Home to School (including toys)

Please do not allow your child to bring toys, or other items not needed for the school day, to school.

*We do not provide space to house additional items.

*We do not provide additional time to retrieve and put them away.

Thank you!

YOU are what makes Dodd City so great! Working together is how we keep our outstanding culture of excellence alive and well. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have questions or concerns about an item in this newsletter, or for anything else.

I am here for your child, you, and our entire community.

The Dodd City Way: Respectful, Responsible, Ready