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Learning Feedback Document

I can not believe we have reached the halfway point in the school year! On Thursday and Friday I spent the afternoon reflecting on our classroom and all of the incredible growth that has happened so far this year. My primary focus and goal for the beginning of the year was to build relationships with your children and to help them build relationships with each other. Learning their stories and helping them feel confident in sharing their stories. I am proud to say that this group of 24 children are the most caring, thoughtful children I have had the privilege to teach. As we continue on in the second half of the school year, the academic growth will just blow you away!

In Math we will be continuing on with our study of multiplication, introducing division, fractions, area and perimeter among other topics. In Reading we will continue our focus on Informational Text and then return to various forms of Fiction, using book clubs to look at different genres and really hitting home with the skill of retelling. In Writing we will put into practice the learning from reading as we write our own informational book about a topic we are an expert in. We will also write an opinion essay, learning the power of persuasion, and even dabble a bit in poetry!

In Science and Social Studies we will continue to look at our great state of Michigan by looking at it's history, resources, economy, and government. In the spring we will add a little special treat as we look at animal adaptations and hatch chickens! Our last half of the year will be extremely busy but thanks to the foundations laid in the first half of the year I know we are ready!

Book Publishing

We have been busy writing and publishing several stories! Student Treasures provide the opportunity to have these books professionally bound with a hard cover. Please be on the lookout for order forms to be coming home soon. We are publishing a joint book with Mrs. Lamazov's class, whose order form has already come home. We also wrote a classbook about our passions, each child has his or her own page. We will receive a free class book, but you can order a copy for your child, if you would like. The final book we are publishing is a personal narrative. Each child will create their own hard cover book! They will receive their very own copy for free and additional copies will be available for purchase. I will clearly identify the order forms as they come home. Please make sure you send them back, even if you do not want to order; that is the only way we are entitled to the free copies.
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Mrs. Lamazov's and Mrs. Draving's "Would You Rather?" author celebration

Did You Know?

It is a 2nd grade expectation that students should be able to answer 60 addition facts in 5 minutes? The same goes for subtraction facts. We took an assessment last week (results are coming home soon) and most students were not able to meet those expectations. By the end of 3rd grade they should be able to answer all multiplication facts up to 10 x 10 from memory. With the application problems that students are expected to be able to solve, if they have to spend a great deal of time solving basic facts, they run out of steam before actually solving the problem. Please help your child's future in math but supporting the memorization of basic facts. There are a great deal of websites that practice math facts, but there is nothing better than old fashioned flash cards with mom or dad. If you have any questions about simple, quick FUN ways to practice those skills, please ask!


The 3rd grade students at AE have been selected to have Spanish instruction added to our curriculum! Just like all K-2 students we will now received Spanish for 30 minutes once a week. This will replace our Eagle Time program, and for our classroom will be held from 10:40-11:10 each Friday. This is a wonderful opportunity as all research shows that the brain is more receptive to acquiring a new language the younger it is presented!

Looking for Items

I am in need of empty, clean Pringles containers and juice/gatorade bottle lids. Both will be used to create multiplication fact games. If you could save them and send them in, I would appreciate it. Once I get enough I will also be looking for a couple of volunteers to put them together ;-)


You may recall, in a recent AE newsletter Mrs. Fletcher explained that due to a state change in school hours, that our school day start time changed from 8:35 to 8:30. What this means is that if your child is not in the classroom by 8:35 they are marked tardy. We start our day at 8:35, with morning work and begin Reading Workshop at 8:45. While I realize that on occasion delays may happen, if your child is consistently tardy, their day starts off in a rough way and it is hard for them to overcome the stress and anxiety and fully focus on the instruction that is happening. Please do what you can to help your child arrive at school on time.

We Are Preforming!!!

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 10 at 9:00am! Our classroom will be preforming at our School-Wide meeting!. Mrs. Herrin, Grace's mom has taught us the music that goes along with one of the character posters that we use in our classroom. (Ask your child about the THINK poster) We are going to preform the song and the posters that we are creating that demonstrate how each of us can utilize the message in the song Think, in our daily lives. You are welcome to come and watch if your schedule allows. The performance will last about 10 minutes, the school wide meeting lasts about 30 minutes.