Make Your Own Magic

September 16, 2016

Curriculum News:

Language Arts/Social Studies:
Next week, students are reading The Night of San Juan, a fictional story that takes place in Puerto Rico. We will continue working on summarizing a story and developing vocabulary. In Social Studies, students will learn about settlement patterns in the U.S. and continue learning about different maps and the 50 states.

This week, students will be learning how to multiply with decimals, using models and algorithms. This is a key skill for 5th grade math!


Next week we will continue our hand-ons experience while moving toward studying matter. The students will be looking closely at the properties of matter and will test the theory of freezing and boiling point. Also, we will introduce a project, which the students will work on throughout our matter unit. In the project, the students will find a “new type of matter” and will describe their new type of matter using the physical properties they learn about in class.


Picture Day:

This coming Thursday, September 22nd is yearbook picture day. If you are interested in purchasing pictures, please send money in the envelope students were given in Thursday folder.

All camp paperwork and payments are due Oct. 7th. If you have any questions please let us know.

All medication is due to Nurse Hamilton by October 24th. Please see her if you have any questions.

If you are able to donate candy for Halloween Camp Activities, please bring it by Oct. 28th.

Camp Information

Click this link for the camp web page. Medical Forms, packing list and additional information can be found here.

Candy List

Click this link for peanut/tree nut free candy options.

Think Through Math:
This fantastic program helps to build students' number fluency and problem solving skills. The program works from your child's current ability level and builds upon skills to help push them toward success. The district recommends that students spend 100 minutes a week working on the program. They will spend about 30 minutes in class each week working on TTM, and we encourage them to practice at home as well. Students can access the program at home by visiting and then use their regular login and password.