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Poetic Justice

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Subject: How I Feel About You

It’s like the breath of fresh air was taken away

From me, wrapping around my neck

Choking the thoughts of you, and everything

You said flew away with the wind

I wish I could forget, but the thought

Is stuck in the back of my head, reminding

Me of how special you are to me, but then

All I know is that you’re gone

You say things that you really don’t

Mean, and I’m just stuck in this place and

Its so hard to breathe, because I love you

But it hurts so much, I just can’t bare it

I mean, I wanna let you go, but

My hands are stuck with that everlasting glue

My mind twisted up, I can’t imagine

The pain you’re causing me, its not understandable

I want to understand why, but is that

The right question to ask, I think you love her more

But how shall I ever know, life is on a bumpy road,

All I really ever wanted was you

The words are hard to say, as if

They weren’t really meant for you to hear

What am I supposed to speak of when

Its all I can think of, Is you

No matter how hard I try I seem

To mess up, like an angel without wings

Trying to fly, to speak without lips, to hear without

Ears, to love, but not to feel

Its funny because when I think of

Someone else, it erases in thin air

Like smoke, and I think of it again

All I ever wanted was you....

By: Stephanie Willock