Jupiter Training

Basic How To's of Jupiter Grades

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Jupiter Grades is a comprehensive online grade book and communication system for teachers, parents, and students.

Teachers learn how to sign in, set up and manage the grade book, and run reports.

Success Criteria:

*Participants will be able to sign into your account

*Participants will be able to explore the help section

*Participants will be able to set up a grade book and classes.

*Participants will be able to add students.

*Participants will be able to enter and manage assignments.


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* Login to Jupiter Grades (Smith)

* Review Grading Choices (SETUP> GRADING) (Smith)

* Add Students (Smith)


* Add Assignments

* Choose category

* Adding attachment

* Adding Scores

* Adding Comments

More Exploration

* Finding HELP section

* Reports

o Grade Reports (Progress reports)

Password Resets

o Passwords (Instruction sheet that you give to students/parents to access Jupiter Grades)

* MORE> Passwords and Login

o Reset a student password:


  • Entering discipline referrals
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  • Explore Messages
  • Distinguish between individual, whole class, and all classes
  • How to check sent messages
  • Send message to parents.
  • Adding assignment to calendar
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