Assessments for Learning

Implementing New Strategies

Five Key Strategies

1. Clarifying, understanding, and sharing learning intentions

2. Engineering effective classroom discussion, tests, and activities that elicit evidence of learning

3. Providing feedback that moves learners forward

4. Activating students as learning resources for one another

5. Activating students as owners of their own learning

Formative and Summative Assessment Plans


  • Peer and Self Evaluation
  • Open Discussions
  • Enter/Exit Slips
  • Appointment Meetings with peers


  • Anonymous practice quizzes graded by peers
  • creative illustration photos of material
  • writting letters pretending to be someone in the material describing the material

Implementing Both Strategies

Guaranteed to be Innovative and Fun

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the combination or strategies create an effictive classroom environment?

  • Building critical thinking skills
  • Building social communication skills
  • Building creative thinking skills

Combining these strategies will incorporate all 21st Century Learning desired skills and create an effective classroom environment for success.

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