Engaged=Media Center & Classroom Connections

What is E=MC2?

E=MC2 is a new view of the media center. E=MC2 merges scheduled classes and open media. Classes will visit the media center two days in a row. The first visit will be a traditional 30 minute lesson, but on the second visit the media center will also be open for individual and group use.

is designed to foster independent learning; to provide opportunities for applying media skills; to utilize technology to locate and use information; and to encourage the love of reading. But, mostly, E=MC2 is about the curriculum, the collaboration, and the connections between the classroom and the media center.

Day 2, 4, 6, and 8

E=MC2 happens on even days of the schedule.
There are two concurrent strands of activities going on at the same time.

  • Scheduled classes check out books, work on media center activities or classroom assignments and read. (30 minutes)

  • Open Media center visitors check out books, conduct research, utilize centers, read to self, etc. (Time varies by teacher and activity)

What happens during E=MC2?

E=MC2 Connect & Collaborate

E=MC2 needs you!

E=MC2 is in the planning stages and needs your input, ideas and suggestions. The projected date for launching E=MC2 is mid September. Let Judy Phalen know if you are interested in joining the E=MC2 planning team. It would be wonderful to have someone from each team help develop the guidelines and activities that will make E=MC2 a success!

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