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If you are tired of going to a carnival or even your local food market and getting wet from unexpected rain, Maybe even going for for a walk or working the farm and the sunshine is way to hot just open up your Umbrella and block the sun from you! We have invented this in China where I live! Everyone is going crazy about this new invention and buying so many of these Umbrellas so you should to!
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For Sale Now In China Just For $7.69!

It Could Save You From Pneumonia and/or SunBurn!

Written Response!

I learned during finding this information on this invention that there is evidence that backs up artifacts of umbrellas from 4 thousand years ago. Umbrella artifacts were found in china. Umbrellas are used for more then just rain but also used to block the sun on a summer day.

Umbrellas had a huge effect on people that lived long ago. One effect is umbrellas blocked the sun from your skin on hot summer days to prevent sun burn. Another effect is umbrellas blocked you from getting wet on days that there were unexpected rainfall.

The technique I chose was bandwagon. I picked bandwagon because I thought it would be the best to persuade people to use a umbrella by saying "everyone is using them so you should to" because I'm sure at least everybody has or has had a umbrella in their lifetime.