Hiring, Interviewing, & Recruiting

Good Interviews

The interviewee's first impression is a neat, organized, one. He looks nice and professional. He does not use word fillers to often. He maintains good eye contact with the person conducting the interview. He reiterates himself quit frequently.
Sample Interview 2-More effective interview

Bad Interview

He has a sloppy appearance. He does not have prepared answers to his questions. He uses lots of filler words. His vocabulary is what an average high school student, therefore he does not seem very intelligent or bright. He is constantly fidgeting. He takes to long to answer a simple question. He seems to be making up his answers as he goes with no clear pathway.
Sample Interview 1-What NOT to do/bad interviewing

Three Things to NEVER Do in an Interview

Three Things to ALWAYS Do in an Interview

High Shcool Advanced Science Teacher.

The teacher will be required to be at school from 7:30 am to 3:45 pm. They will be expected to teach 6 classes through out the day. They will teach Chemistry, Earth Science, and A.P. Chemistry. The teacher will need a college degree in high school science. No prior experience as a teacher is needed. The teacher's salary will vary upon their prior experience and college degree. The teacher will be paid on the 1st of every month. Health Insurace and taxes will be taken out of the teacher's pay. As a teacher inscreases their degree, their pay will go up accordingly.