Intresting Info

  • In India there are so many wild monkeys
  • If you want to go to a monkey zoo its right outside you house or apartment
  • The enemy of India is Pakistan
  • Can you believe it India shares its border with six other countries
  • British hurt many people in India
  • The capital of India is New Deli
  • Indira Gandhi was the first women to become prime minister in India
  • The first Indian boxer to win a gold medal was MC Mary Kom


  • The Taj Mahal is famous
  • its famous because the India rulers wife and kids died
  • The Taj Mahal is where they are right now
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  • Indian food is mostly made with rice or wheat
  • India is known for its spicy and tasty food
  • The food is spicy because they use hot chilli peppers , and curry
  • They also use other spices
  • India has bread called naan
  • Most indian people eat vegetarian food
  • India has so many sweets
  • People in India use there hands , spoon's , and forks to eat there food


  • The major religion practiced in India is Hindu
  • 80.5 percent people practice Hindu
  • Christian and 2.3 percent people practice it
  • Sikh is a religion that 1.9 percent people practice it
  • muslim is also practiced
  • 13.4 percent people practice it
  • unspecified religons are practiced and 0.1 percent people practice it
  • other religions are practiced and i.8 percent people practice it


  • Their major language are: English , and Hindi
  • There are different language
  • The language are called :
  • Telgue
  • Malayalam
  • Tamil
  • Kanada
  • Sanskrit
  • Mariti
  • and Gujarathi
  • there are many more than listed
  • So many you can't remember


  • The flag is saffron, white, and green
  • The saffron stands for sacrifice and dedication
  • The white stands for truth
  • The green stands for the fertility and growth of land
  • In the center there is a blue wheel
  • It means there is life In movment
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  • For art many people wear henna and its called body art
  • you can make pretty design's with henna
  • People put it on there feet and hands
  • its like writing on a piece of paper


  • There are different type of music in India
  • there are Rough and soft types
  • The music goes with the theme of the movie
  • if love music its love
  • if hate music its hate


  • There are different type of dance in India
  • There are different types of dances and there long
  • There is one that you might wacth and it Bollywood

Famous People

  • Jawaharlal Neheru became the first prime minister in India
  • Indira Gandhi was the first girl prime minister
  • Indira Gandhi is the daughter of Jawaharlal Neheru
  • Jawaharlal Neheru's grand son is Rajiv Gandhi
  • He served prime minister

famous person

  • Rabindranath Tagore was a poet from India
  • He wrote poems in a language called Bengail
  • he wrote his belives
  • like how he belives that god is in nature
  • During Tagore's life India was ruled by United Kingdom
  • so he wrote how he wished India would be free
  • The sad part was that India was free six years after he died
  • The exact day was 1947.


  • In India its almost always hot in India
  • There's only three season's
  • The cool season is from October to Febuary
  • The hot season is from march to June
  • The rainy season mostly lasts from June to September


  • Holi is a celebration
  • To celebrate Holi you take powder
  • then you throw it at people
  • you throw it till your covered
  • its a big celebration


  • Weddings are spacial so they wear really pretty saris
  • They also wear henna
  • Its a traditon to wear henna on hand and feet when getting married
  • Wedding are special
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  • India has comfortable clothes to wear
  • Clothing in india is made with cotton
  • children wear traditional and modern clothing
  • Indian women wear saris
  • boys that are not kids wear dhoti
  • dhoti is cloth that is wrapped around you waist and is pulled between legs
  • men also wear something called turban
  • its cloth that wrapped around their head
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  • if you want to find more info go to :
  • World Book
  • Books from Library
  • Mom/Dad
  • Grama
  • Kids InfoBites
  • Info trac
  • Natinal Geographic Kids
  • T.V
  • Because that's where I got my info