Term 2 Week 5

Principal's Report

I hope that all mothers in our school community had a wonderful Mother's Day and that your family spoilt you. We have a very busy and exciting term again, with many extra activities going on.

This term our Year 6 students have participated in 2 days peer support training, getting prepared to start weekly peer support lessons across the school in term 3. The lessons which are led by the year 6 students are aimed to empower them with practical skills and strategies to positively navigate life and relationships.

The Sustainability Project for years 3-6 has begun, added to the kitchen garden session is also a sewing and recycling project.

Check in assessments for years 4 and 6 will begin next term. Naplan results for years 3 and 5 are expected to arrive by the end of the term. They will be reported on differently this year, no longer in bands. Our school plan targets which are on our school website have had to be modified as the Naplan targets can no longer be measured. The new targets will be added to the school plan and on our website by the end of next week.

Our beloved chickens have gone away for a holiday as we have been experiencing a rat and mice problem. Mrs Chilton is also trying to organise some parent volunteers during school time or a weekend working bee to chop down some of the dead banana trees and have a good clean up of the garden. Let us know if you are available at all to help out.

Kindergarten 2024 transition planning is well underway, we will have a kindergarten Open Day on June 28 during playgroup time in the morning. If you have a child turning 5 or know of anyone please get your enrolment forms in so we can let you know transition information.

We are hosting the HPAG class again this year on a Thursday in the library with children coming from Coledale, Austinmer, Helensburgh, Otford and Stanwell Park.

Bernadette Stephens


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Pie Drive Fundraiser

Kindergarten parents are holding a Winter Pie Drive – just in time for those chilly winter nights.

Pies and sweets will be sourced from Queen Street bakery in Warilla and will arrive fresh baked on the day, ready for you to eat or freeze.

You will need to place your order through QuickCliq - search under events for ‘Pie Drive’ All orders will need to be placed and paid for in QuickCliq by 5pm Monday 5 June at the latest.

Please use the attached order form to collect orders for your family, grandparents, neighbours and friends.

Proceeds from the pie drive will help fund P&C initiatives, like a new playground, music program and the Kitchen Garden Program.

Collection of your order will need to be on Wednesday 21st June from 2.30– 5.30pm at the school, in Gadu (admin building) Unfortunately we will not be able to hold orders over so if you are unable to collect in person can you please arrange for a friend to collect on your behalf.

Thank you!

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The Premiers Spelling Bee is open to students in NSW Public, Community and Central Schools in two categories.

  • Junior Spelling Bee – Years 3 and 4 (Year 2 are welcome)
  • Senior Spelling Bee – Years 5 and 6

We will be having our school finals of the Premiers Spelling Bee on Thursday 22nd June

(Week 9) Class finals will take place in the weeks leading up to this.

Spelling lists can be found by accessing and downloading the appropriate list.

Use the password given in class to access these.

Additional spelling resources can be found at

Thank You

Anthea Bartlett

Spelling Bee Coordinator

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It's not too late to join! We are part of the Southern Stars mass choir this year, performing at WIN Stadium Friday 25th and Saturday 26th August. Students in years 3-6 are encouraged to join. You don't need to have any singing experience. The cost is approximately $55. Rehearsals will take place in school time, Thursday at lunch and a couple of additional days closer to the performance.

Please see Mrs Bartlett or Mrs Haddon (Vernon) for further information. We can't wait to sing with you!

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On Wednesday 3 May and Monday 8 May, year 6 students worked with Mrs Thane and Ms Gould on leadership and communication skills in order to lead this program in Term 3 for the whole school.

Students had a great time collaborating together and working towards a common goal. As a reward students went to the beach for a break and had an iceblock.

We all look forward to the implantation of peer support next term.

Ms Gould


Years 3-6 all caught the bus to the Botanic Gardens in Wollongong. The Botanic Gardens are a beautiful place to visit with family and friends. Plants there are from all around the world and all the people are very welcoming and talented.We learnt all about plants, recycling and we changed old t-shirts and jeans into a bag.



1. Cut off the sleeves and the neck.

2. Cut frills at the bottom of the t - shirt.

3. And tie the frills in knots.


1. Cut of legs.

2. Cut frills.

3.Tie them in a knot

4.Cut 1 strip and tie it on the pants.

We would like to say a thank you to the Botanic Garden staff for showing us all their talents and for creating this wonderful garden.


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Thank you to all the families that cared for the chickens and garden over the holidays. Your help was greatly appreciated.

This term Year 3-6 are starting the new sustainability program ‘Connecting threading’. For the first couple of weeks the whole class has worked together on this program. Starting Week 4, each class will be split into 3 groups and rotate through kitchen, garden and connecting threads activities.

During Week 2 and Week 3, K-2 has been out exploring in the garden with Mrs Chilton. Week 2 they learnt about mulching and why we should mulch the garden and pathways to stop erosion and to help the soil and mini beasts to stay cool and moist. Then they worked together and helped mulch the pathways, they collected weeds to feed the chickens and they helped water the garden. All students are enthusiastic learners and enjoyed their time in the garden.

In Week 3, K- 2 classes will continue mulching, weeding, feeding the weeds to the chickens and they are all going forward to going on a bug hunt. The Kinders are hoping to find some ladybugs and aphids, which they have been learning about in class.

We have a busy term ahead of us in the garden and kitchen, with the main job being planting our winter crop in the garden and maintaining our garden. So far, we have planted leeks, cauliflowers, cabbages, broccoli, lettuce, beetroot, chives, parsley, Asian greens, silver beet and kale. Next week we will be planting broad beans, peas, garlic, lettuce and various flowering plants for the bees.

In the kitchen we will be cooking delicious food with the fresh produce from the garden.

Over the holidays the food forest has become very overgrown and several banana trees require removal. So, in the near future I will be looking for parent helpers to help with some pruning and clearing. If you are able to help, please let Mrs Chilton or the office know days, dates and times you would be available and we will try and organise a suitable time. Any help would be really appreciated.

Mrs Chilton

Kind regards,



Ten Pin Bowling - By Flynn and Ollie 3/4 Blue

We catch a bus to ten pin bowling every Friday. When we get to ten pin bowling we need to get our bowling shoes on and then we find the lane we are playing in. We start bowling in groups of five or six. We play one game and everybody gets ten turns. If you get a strike you miss out on your second bowl, but you get an extra bowl at the end. Bowling is so fun and a good sport. 🎳

Tennis - Emmy 3/4 Blue

Our tennis teacher is called Luke. We played games and my favourite was Zombies. There are three different lines in the game. You start in the healthy line and there's a sick line and a hospital line. Of course the Zombies that are on the other side of the tennis court and as soon as you are out you become a Zombie. If you catch the ball, you move that person that hit the ball down a line. If you catch the ball and it has not hit the ground, you can catch it with both hands. If it does hit the ground you have to catch it with one hand. Tennis is so much fun.


The district cross country was hosted at Bulli Park. There were a lot of schools there and a lot of age groups. There were a lot of hills. Maddie was the only person from Coledale to make it to regional. She came 6th in her race. Great running everyone!


On Wednesday this week, 4 students from Year 5 and 6 (Alana, Myself, Tylah and Alice) were challenged with our first Premier’s Interschools Debate! The topic for this debate was that homework should be banned. We won the coin flip and were the affirmative team. Our competitors, East Corrimal Public, were the negative team and had to talk about why homework was good. Both schools had one hour to prepare our speech. Then at the debate in Gadu, Alana talked about how homework was an anxiety booster, I said that it was tiring, Tylah stated that it takes away childrens free time and Alice wrote all of our rebuttals. It was a very close debate and both teams spoke well but in the end we came out as the winning team! It was a very educational and fun experience. We look forward to doing it again (and good luck to the team going to Waniora Public School).

by Finn K

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Over the past few weeks Mrs Chilton invited Kindy Red into the garden to assist with its maintenance, to explore for insects and to pat the chickens. Kindy Red helped with the upkeep of our garden paths by filling buckets with woodchips and using them to create clear garden paths. Mrs Chilton bought along magnifying glasses for us to use to find a whole bunch of insects in our garden. We found aphids under leaves and placed lady beetles next to them so they could eat them up!


WOW! 1 Yellow have kicked off the term in full force!

In literacy we have been exploring informative texts where we have researched information using different digital and non-digital texts, drawing detailed diagrams with labels and writing descriptive sentences using adjectives and verbs.

In Math, we have been measuring! We have used informal units to measure length and the area of objects. We discussed how there must be no gaps or overlaps and we have to make sure we have used an appropriate unit of measurement.

We greatly enjoyed our incursion last week where we learned how to play the traditional African djembe (pronounced jem-bay) drums. We enjoyed exploring the rhythm and percussion techniques as well as the feeling of unity as part of a drum circle.

I am so proud of Year 1 and their high energy coming into the term!

Miss Farrell


2 Green have had a busy term so far enjoying the opportunity to learn from Mrs Chilton in garden lessons. We have learnt the importance of mulching and the benefits of having pollinators in our garden. We've also helped with moving mulch and caterpillar removal.

In class we have been learning to make connections between our personal lives and the texts we read as well as text to text connections. We've done this through reading some beautiful quality literature. Koala Ark reminded us of the damage bushfires cause and we've started looking at figurative language in Mallee Sky.

We continue to love music lessons with Mel and are challenging ourselves to stay focused on the beat. We showed resilience and perseverance in making beautiful paper mâché lanterns for Mother's Day.


3/4 Silver are learning to edit and proof read their own writing using a formal checklist, focusing on the areas of punctuation, grammar, spelling and organisation. They are extending their vocabulary of words to include high modality, emotive and descriptive words to enhance their writing and persuade a targeted audience. 3/4 Silver are taking part in a variety of persuasive arguments stating their opinion clearly and giving reasons for their position either for, or against a given topic.

Using persuasive devices, they have been exploring the methods used in advertisements, to think critically about information presented to them. They have applied these devices in their own advertisements and product designs.

3/4 Silver have come together with 3/4 Blue during our band sessions, learning to read sheet music and work collectively to perform a shared piece of music.

3/4 Blue

Art - By Drae and Jude

We have been drawing cats in the first term. We drew the cat in the hat, we coloured it in and shaded parts of the neck. We also shaded the background with a blue crayon. We learned how to change the word cat into a picture of a CAT!!!

Then we made an easter bunny with funkey glasses. First we had to zentangle the bunny. Then we glued the glasses at the end. We could choose to make our own background or to stick it on a piece of colorful paper.

We also made name posters. First we stuck tape to make our names on a big piece of paper. Then we painted our own background over the tape .Then we took the tape off to reveal our names.

This term we are learning how to draw giraffes. We all have loved art. It is the BEST!!!

African Drumming - By Bon 3/4 blue

At African drumming we learnt what the drums were called. They are called djembes. Then we started to play the drums. The instructor showed us some different ways to play the djembe. She played a rhythm and we had to copy her. It was very loud and I could feel the ground shaking. It gave me a headache, But it got better. We also got to go into pairs or a group of three and make up our own rhythm. It was cool and the drums sounded good. Thank you Miss Farrell for organising African drumming. 😀

Brazilian drumming - By Matilda 3/4 Blue

Starting from Term One, we have been doing traditional drumming from Brazil every Friday. Most of us have never heard of these drums. These drums include: The caixa, agogo, tambourim(it is spelt like this),and surdo. Have you ever heard of them? Probably not! We sit in a circle and play different rhythms on each instrument. Playing Brazilian drums is so much fun!

Dance - By Ruby and Harriet 3/4 Blue

At dance we can move our bodies, and we have dances that are really energetic. The one we do is called “ain’t no mountain high” . These are the steps for it. First we face the back and do a bevel (a bevel is a pose where you turn around and put your hand on your hip and you put one of your feet on your ankle). Then when you hear the music say listen baby you turn around and the year threes and four stop while the five and six keep going.The year fives and six put there hand in the air and then put their hand down when it says ‘ain’t no valley low’ and then when it says ‘wide enough baby’ they put there fingers up again and wiggle them in front of them. As soon as they are finished that year three-four do the same thing. Next we go under the fence which is ducking your head up and down six times like going under the fence. After that we run really fast on the spot and that’s how far we've got . We do dance in the library on Fridays and are taught by Mrs Hawkins. Another dance we do is called ‘walk’ . We do it like this; we do a crazy walk down the room then we do poses. They can be anything. Last week we made up our own dance but most people were at district so it was pretty hard to do. We have a really good time dancing.

Anzac Biscuits - By 3/4 Blue

We made ANZAC Biscuits to remember the people that went to war for our country. We made the biscuits on 27/3/2023 and they were delicious and came out like squares in 6cm.

ANZAC Biscuits are made for soldiers,family, and friends.ANZAC Biscuits can be soft,hard, and chewy or crumbly.


We have had a busy start to Term 2 in 5/6 Purple! I am proud to see the kids return to school with a high work ethic, producing quality work, willingness to take on constructive feedback, resilience and an overall positive attitude is something that I have admired over the last few weeks.

This week we have reached our persuasive writing learning goals, I am proud of each and every student for trying their best and completing goals to the best of their ability. This topic has tied in well with our debating program, where we have been working closely with 5-6 Orange and spending time in their classroom. We are excited to be included in the Interschools debate program this semester where Alana, Tylah, Indigo and Ada have made it into the Coledale Warriors Team (as well as Arlo, Finn K, Alice and Mabel).

Our class has been busy working on Area and Perimeter this learning cycle and making a great effort to reach our numeracy goals. We are lucky to have support during our math lessons with extra hands from Carmel and Jo! Students are working well and showing growth which is wonderful to see.
The sustainability project has started off well! We had our first session in Week 3 where students worked with a range of materials. During this class we learnt about where materials are sourced from, what products are used and what we can do to reduce waste as a class. Year 5/6 also have Market Day coming up later this term which has tied in well with our sustainability program where students need to calculate prices and amounts to reduce waste in their teams.

We are reading Darwin's Dragons currently which has gone off to a great start! Students are invested in the lives of Syms Covington and Charles Darwin. It will be a great term researching the themes of this book and undertaking in-depth research tasks. We have also enjoyed the Year 6 Peer Support Program, African Drumming and outdoor music!

Thank you everyone for your support! And well done to all of the children in 5/6 Purple for a great start to Term 2!

Mrs Thane


5/6 Orange have begun the term with energy and enthusiasm. We are excited about our sustainability project and getting back into the kitchen and garden. In maths we have focussed on Whole Number and Area for these first few weeks of term. In Area we are making a visual representation of a square metre and measuring the area of the COLA and basketball court. We hope to use these area measurements to compare and contrast with the areas of other landmarks for example St James Park and even Wollongong and Sydney Botanic Gardens.

In literacy we are preparing for debating. Students have learned about the role of each team member and have been drafting speeches for the topic ‘Digital technologies are making the lives of children better.’ We will debate against each other in week 4 and we will also host Corrimal East for an interschool debate. Below is a small piece of wonderful writing by Mabel

Debating Speech – Mabel

Children come in all shapes and sizes, not only does a school uniform show pride for their school, but it also provides equality and comfort. Do you really want your student to dread coming to school because they might receive shameful words about their outfit?

We get mufti a lot at school, the stress this puts on my sister is unreal. Not only does she want to wear something she likes but also an outfit her friends accept. This would be the sad reality for many children across Australia. Now that’s just once a week, imagine that every day! Not only would this disadvantage their self- confidence massively, but it would also cause stress and anxiety for the kid. This would also show shocking amounts of how bullying would become popular because their clothes aren’t new or fancy enough.

In art we have created amazing still life sketches with Mrs Hawkins and in sport we are loving our dancing, cycling, bowling and tennis!

We have welcomed Miss Randall a Masters of Teaching student from Charles Sturt University who is working with us for 5 weeks.

Our year six students have enjoyed the peer support leadership days with Mrs Thane and Ms Gould, preparing to lead the school in peer support lessons next term. Year 6 also proudly received their year 6 shirts at the end of last term.

We are all looking forward to Market Day which we will hold in week 10 this term. Much of the preparation has already been completed – so now we just need to put our plans into action!

Ms Gould

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The library is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:15am to 11:35am. It is a quiet place to read, draw or play board games.

What's Happening in Term 2

This term all classes are completing activities based on the Information Fluency Framework and K-4 from the geography syllabus.

Information fluency is the ability to critically think while engaging with, creating, and utilizing information and technology regardless of format or platform.

Kindergarten Red - Topic - Places - People Live in Places

Students investigate the places they live in and belong to. They understand that places vary and people have different views about the use of places. They observe and describe the features of their own place and investigate the meaning of belonging to a place.

1 Yellow - Topic - Features of Places - Weather and Seasons

Students learn to describe the weather and seasons. They investigate the concept that different places have different weather patterns and explore how activities in places change according to the weather.

2 Green - Topic - People and Places - Australia’s Location

Students use geographical tools (atlas, globe, map or a digital application such as Google Earth) to locate and name the continents, oceans, Equator, North and South Poles, Northern and Southern Hemispheres. They describe Australia’s location in relation to the world.

3/4 Blue and 3/4 Silver - Topic -The Earth’s Environment

Different Environments - These lessons focus on the study of the natural characteristics of Australia and some other places in the world. This includes country studies of Australia, China, Madagascar, Brazil and Iceland where the climate, natural vegetation and native animals are explored.

Mrs Porter

Book Club

Book Club provides families with an affordable and convenient way to access the best in Australian and international children's literature. As well as bridging the important class-to-home reading gap, Book Club also benefits Australian schools—for every Book Club order placed, Scholastic gives back 20% of the order to schools to spend on valuable educational resources via its Scholastic Rewards program.

Issue 2 has been distributed.

The last date to order from Issue 4 will be 16/06/2023.

Click onto the link to see this issue.



Ahoy there! Castaway other plans and enjoy our fun knees-up!

The long-awaited Lost at Sea Fundraising Party is now on sale!!
Do knot delay this shindig is for Coledale Parents and the wider Coledale Community (18+) There are only a limited number of tickets so don't miss the boat!!


Get onboard and help raise money for the new Coledale Public School Playground!

Ticket price is inclusive of a welcome cocktail and dinner, with further drinks available to be purchased at the bar.

- Dress Up Theme: Lost at Sea

- Best costume prize!

- Triviarrrrrrrrr

- Fundraising games

- Silent Auction

- Welcome cocktail - and plenty more drinks to buy once you arrive!

- Dinner

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Uniforms can be ordered through Quickcliq, otherwise Please email completed form with receipt number to:

Payment to: P&C Uniform Account

BSB: 062-607

Account: 10256167 - insert student name as reference

Canteen - currently the P&C doesn't provide canteen, parents are encouraged to deal with Sketch at Coledale directly. We hope to have formalised canteen back up soon.

Fundraising Below is the link for gofundme playground

Our Committee

President: Scott Kirkwood

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Diana Radcliffe

Secretary: Tanya Kirkwood

Environmental: Amy Gedes & Michael Wolfe

Canteen: Pru Rowe

Fundraising: Emily Bull

Uniform: Pru Rowe

Playground: Knut Menden

Creative Arts: Emily Bull

BBQ: Matt Bright

Grants: Colleen Lux.

The P&C are always happy to welcome any new faces to come along and be part of the community. If you are interested joining up, please feel free to make contact with any questions or ideas via email or the school office can pass on any enquiries.

Upcoming dates & events:


Week 5

Thursday 25 May National Sorry Day

Week 5 Assembly 1:45pm - 3/4 silver performance

Friday 26 May - National Sorry Day Service 11:40am

Week 6

Wednesday 31 May - Relationships Aus Visit (Kindy only)

Thursday 1 June - 3-6 Athletics Carnival @ Bulli High School

Week 7

Monday 5 June - K-1 Athletics Carnival 11:40-1:40 on the Field

Week 8

Monday 12 June - Kings Birthday Public Holiday

Wednesday 14 June - Math Olympiad / Explorer / Games

Saturday 17 June - Lost at Sea Fundraiser

Week 9

Tuesday 20 June - Southern Stars Tickets on Sale!

Thursday 22 June - Spelling Bee Final

Week 10

Thursday June 29 - Year 6 Market Day