Philosophy Education

Philosophy of Education

My attitude coming into Carpe Diem was very excited because I had wanted to come here for a really long time but since I have an IEP and the school district makes it very hard for students with an IEP to switch to a continuation school. I believe that’s because they think that since a student has an IEP those students have enough help with school curriculums. Although I think that switching from Petaluma High to Carpe Diem was one of my better life choices because I’m not overwhelmed with work that isn’t going to help my future and i’m just getting done what needs to be done here at Carpe. I agree that students should be taught a certain amount of information that will help our futures as young adults. I believe that schools should have a common sense class because we’re taught as students that there’s one way to do everything when in reality there’s many and a lot of students don’t realize that because of the way they're taught, or at least that’s the way I feel. Also I believe that schools should have a mandatory class on paying taxes and paying bills and how to rent a house, how to find one and etc, just a class basically that revolves around the outside world and how it really functions. I also believe we should do more hand written things because everything is on the internet and I realize that’s where the world is headed but on the other hand that doesn’t mean we need to completely drop old methods. Writing things out helps me to retain things a lot better than just plugging some stuff into a little screen then not ever looking at it again. My number one career goal is to go into cosmetology. Responsibility and organization are two key things that will help me to achieve my goals.


Portfolio Core Class Reflection

In DeLeon’s class my experience has been good. I feel that we do actual relevant work and I enjoy reading in class. We do a lot of different things in class and I like that because it’s not always the same thing. I don’t believe there are too many assignments in English that I find hard or challenging which is perfect because when I was going to Petaluma high school I really struggled with English class and because of that I was very stressed. So in all I think this is a really great class.

One assignment that I really enjoyed doing, because I thought it was very creative and interesting, is the black out poem. I worked especially hard on this because I really liked the assignment. The purpose of the poem was to take 2 pages in the book we’re reading in class, called All Quiet on the Western Front, and on the ipads literally black out the words that we don’t need and the remaining words create a poem. I specifically chose this assignment to share because I really like poetry.

I thought the movie that we watched called “Surrogates” was a cool assignment because it was interesting to see professionals views on future robots and how they’ll be, what they’ll look like and how they’ll interact with humans. On the reflection for the movie I believe I gave an average amount of effort on it. The directions of the assignment was to write a 150 word response to the movie and connect with our Robots in the Classroom unit. I specifically chose this assignment because I thought it was cool to look into the future instead of just talking about what happened in the past.


Portfolio Core Class Reflection

Paragraph #1:

I really enjoy Anderson's class because he teaches in a way that actually interests me and he doesn't just out me to sleep because a lot of times in a core class the assignments can get very boring and drawn out but I feel like Anderson just has the personality to keep the room alive and that's what I like about his class. I also appreciate when if I find something challenging Anderson has a nice way of helping me understand the assignment further. Anderson is a prime teacher and shouldn't change much. As a student I could probably pay a little more attention although for the most part I try to follow our conversations. In Anderson’s class I appreciate how his period is always a working period and I always got a lot done in here.

Paragraph #2:

I enjoyed the propaganda poster research. I thought it was a lot of fun even though it took a good amount of time, and I also thought it was very informative and taught me a lot about how people use to view things like alcohol consumption and joining the army and to see how people use posters to appeal to the readers emotions and make them feel a curtain way so that they act a certain way. For example people would see a poster of a family and the poster would say something along the lines of telling people not to drink to protect their families. The purpose of the assignment was to look at a propaganda and infer what it was trying to relay to its viewers. This was a little bit of a strenuous assignment because there was a lot of pictures to review but I think I worked pretty hard on it.

Paragraph #3:

The other assignment that I enjoyed kind of goes hand and hand with the first one. This assignment was the "create your own propaganda poster" project. I thought it was especially fun because we were able to be very artistic with it and at the same time get a better understanding of propaganda. The purpose of this assignment was to create our own propaganda posters on the iPads, it was difficult to do everything on just the iPads though so I would have to be going back and forth from the iPad to the chrome book. Although in the end it turned out to be a very cool assignment. To create my propaganda poster I had to look up a picture on the internet then save it and trace it on one of the ipad apps. After I traced the photo I went back and added my own words and colored the poster and added other elements that made my poster look like the cat’s pajamas.

Math portfolio

Portfolio Core Class Reflection

Integrated Math 1

Paragraph #1:

In Mrs. Mcdonald’s class i've learned in a deeper way how to do things, like linear equations and slopes, vocabulary for expressions and parallel and perpendicular lines and better than I have in past years experiences. In class I enjoy being able to ask questions and receive the answer in a way that works for me best. This has been very helpful this past semester and I think that’s why my grades have gotten a lot better lately opposed to last semester at Petaluma high school. I don’t think I found much that was challenging or hard because most of the curriculum is things i've learned in past years so this semester has been pretty laid back. Although I’ve always found a few of these things difficult like, memorizing the vocabulary for expressions. From this past semester in math I believe a mathematician does a wide variety of things from graphing lines to finding area models. A mathematician probably doesn't just work with math, although sometimes they might. I bet cops could be considered mathematicians because they are always calculating times of when events occurred. In class we learned to take two binomials and break them apart to find what their answer might be by putting the four terms in a box. We do this by making a model with mathematics. A model with mathematics is when you are given a situation and you represent it in numbers and solve.

Paragraph #2:

I chose exploring an Area Model lesson 3.2,1. I think that this assignment helped me a lot in how to take apart binomials and put them back together if i wanted to. From this assignment I have a better understanding of area, and using the tiles it helped me to visualize the area and perimeter. I worked hard on this assignment along with all the other assignments because in past years I haven't cared to really learn the math curriculum but this year i'm determined to really get into it and understand what i'm being taught. The directions of this assignment was to make rectangles with the algebra tiles and find the dimensions of the rectangles. We represented algebraic expressions with area models of algebra tiles, and this led to being able to multiply two algebraic expressions. I really did follow the directions I believe. I chose this assignment specifically because I thought it was really helpful to me.

Paragraph #3: I worked really hard on this assignment. The purpose of this assignment was to sketch and label a shape on the paper and write an expression that represents the perimeter, then simplify the perimeter expression as much as possible. I specifically chose this assignment to share because I felt that it was very helpful in learning how to find perimeters of a given shape.

Integrated Science Portfolio

Science Reflection

Paragraph #1:

In my experience in Denens class has been very educational and intriguing. For the majority of Dennen’s classes I try to pay attention because there usually interesting and handleable subjects. There was one assignment that I found challenging and it was the digital water cycle because i’m just awful with technology. From that conclusion i can infer that I just need to work harder at that and just keep asking questions on how to do so. As a teacher I think that Dennen does a great job of answering my questions and not getting irritated when my questions are repetitive and I appreciate that. As a student to facilitate my own success I should definitely slow down and not just put answers down as I learn them so that I actually remember the curriculum later in life.

Paragraph #2:

I enjoy doing the current events because I get to pick the topic of discussions and explain it in my own way and I think that this assignment is exiting because of that. Sometimes I work fairly hard at it but then there are those times where I don’t go as hard and don’t put as much work into it. I would usually honestly grade myself well because I think I try hard most the time because current events are usually something I can handle. I specifically chose this assignment to share because I think that it’s kind of funny and it makes me laugh. (The spider one)

Paragraph #3:

Another assignment that I enjoyed doing in this class is this map assignment, we got in partners and we made a map of where both our houses were and the closest body of water near us, I enjoyed this assist met because it was fun to get to draw out Petaluma and where our houses are compared to each other as well as being more aware of what's around us. It was a little tricky to fit both of our houses on the map because I live so far away but we made it work and it was fun. I would grade myself with a B because the map isn't very accurate.


Academy of Sciences Reflection

For one of our field trips we went to the city and we visited the Academy of Sciences. This field trip was such an interesting and fun experience and I'm glad we went because I doubt without Carpe Diem that I would have ever gone there. There was so much to see and so much to learn. We got to walk around and look at all the animals they had, there was tons of animals in the mini rain forest they had in the middle of the huge building. It was 3 stories tall and as you went higher up the hotter it got and by the time I had seen everything in there I couldn't even breath, it was pretty evil because as I'm trying to leave there was about 15 little kids walking so very slow on the ramp that's only about two and a half feet wide. In the building there was an albino alligator which was so cool to see, although it didn't move the whole time we were there. Then we all went to the show they had for us and taught us about constellations and the stars in a room like literally looked like a circle and there were stars all around us and above us, it looked like we were sitting outside, it was beautiful.

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