About Nevada (NV)

By George

Getting around Nevada

There is a impairment place in Nevada it is Los veges it is sort of like Los angles but Los Angles is in California.Nevada is located by i duo,organ,u ta,Azania, is is a pretty good size to. There are a couple of other cities in Nevada to like ,Reno,Bolder city. there are many good ways to get around Nevada like subway bus car bike walk train plane.

Extra about Nevada

  • Los Vegas is is one of the most famous places in Nevada.
  • The population in Nevada is 2,839 million.
  • One ave the governor brain Sandoval.
  • Nevada came to be a state in October 31 1864 the 36th state.

Little more.

The largest city in Nevada is salt lake city The capital of the state is Carson city.The climate is about High of 125 far and high and a low of 50.

Were Nevada is

Nevada is south west of Iowa next to Californian.

Were to visit in Nevada and way

There is a very special place in Nevada clad the grand cannon its is a good place to visit and go hiking.
Home Means Nevada song & photos

Important People in Nevada

There is one of the best wrestlers in that was born in Nevada he accomplished is what meany people have not accomplished in there lives.

The motto

There.There motto is silver shot or Battle Stat. The stat flower is is sage brush. The state tree is Bristle cone pine. The bird is motion blue bird.And the last but not less is the song Home miens Nevada.