Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Darnell

Dear Parent,

Can you believe that it is almost April? This time of the year is always so busy. In the coming months, we have many end of the year activities planned. We will send out a list of dates ASAP.


Our spelling comes from List 16.: far, much, play, gave, upon, after, handy, spell, says, and should.

1. Six friends came to my slumber party.

2. We stayed up until three.


In math, we will begin our algebraic reasoning unit. Your child will have to find the missing part using addition and then subtraction: (4 + __ = 9) and (12-__=6)

What Makes Ten?
Number Bond Song
Numbers bonds of 10 Using objects
The number bond to twenty song for children

Social Studies

In social studies, we will learn about Texas landforms and regions and continue discussing interesting facts, symbols, and places of interest.

Important Dates

1st Grade Music Performance

Students need to arrive at 6:45 in their Sunday best

Practice makes Perfect!

Though we realize that after school activities consume your time during the week, please continue practicing spelling and reading with your child each night. Thank you for your help!

Math Facts:

  1. Click on oswego.org
  2. Click on Addition
  3. Have your child type their name in the white box at the bottom.
  4. Then click on the hand above start.

Thank you,

Mrs. Darnell