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1.Mesopotamia was located between the Tigris and Euphrates river.2.Mesopotamia means land between two rivers.The climate was dry,but there was sometimes rain.When the Sumerians farmed it was usually normal weather.When it rained it would sometimes wash some of the crops away from the field.3.Iraq is the present day country that used to be Mesopotamia.The capitol of Iraq today is Bagdhad. 4.Mesopotamia is 7,113 miles from Elm City Middle School.
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There were a few civilazations in Mesopotamia.






2.To have a civilazation,there had to be specific things.There had to be an urban revolution in a civilazation.There had to be Military and Political structures.There had to be social structures that were based on the economic power.There also had to be complex technology.There has to be a way of writing so people no how to read and also write.Also,a religious structure.And last,there had to be artistic activities.3.The Hammurabi laws were important because the laws were about life.

4.-law 15 if any one take a male or female slave of the court,or a male or female slave of a freed man,outside the city gates,he shall be put to death.

-law 174 if she bare no sons to her second husband,the son of her first husband shall have the dowry.


1.The land in Mesopotamia was a good place for farming and having crops..The people built plows so the work would be faster for farming.They used animals to pull the plows so that farming would also become a lot faster.2.The minerals that were left over settled at the top of the soil causing the fields to become poisonous.3.People would usually eat two meals a day.The rich ate a little more than two meals a day.People ate bread and milk.4.Many people lived near water.They needed to live near water so that they could get something to drink.They also needed to have water for the farming and fields.The people would build irrigation systems to get water from one place to another,so they wouldn't have to walk a long distance to get water.


1.The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.The Hanging Gardens were built in the City State of Babylon.The gardens were said to be built by Nebuchadnezzar who ruled between 605 and 562 BC.People say he built the gardens for his sick wife who loved gardens and flowers.The Hanging Gardens were destroyed by several earthquakes.The gardens are documented by Greek and Roman writers.The gardens are so big they require 8,200 gallons of water.2. The Mesopotamians created many inventipns.One of them was the wheel.It is a mystery when the wheel was invented or what year it was invented.The wheel was used for many things.It was used on charriots and plows for farming.The wheel was made from planks of wood.Not everyone knew how to write during that time.Some people,if they had enough money,had to hire someone to read or write for them.But,when people signed a contract,they didn't have to write.The cylinder seal was used for that.When someone signed a contract they used the cylinder seal.A cylinder seal is a circular shaped invention that has the letters on the circular part.When you press down on the contract it will stamp your name.Back in the Mesopotamia time,they didn't use letters.They used pictures to show what something meant or to weite something.Later on they began to think of new ways they could write without pictures.Eventually,they created cunieform.Cuneiform is a way to write something without using pictures.They used symbols which was what cunieform was.After they invented cunieform,they had an easier way of writing something using symbols.The Sumerians needed a way to harness the wind when traveling across the sea.That's why they created the sail.The sail was attached to the top of a boat which would make the boat go in the right direction.They needed to find a way to make a boat go a little faster and go in the right direction for trading systems.They would travel across the seas to trade with other people.3.Cunieform was invented to find another way to write without using pictures.Before they used cunieform,everything was written using pictures.They needed another way to write.So,they used cunieform,which is a way of writing using symbols.The Sumerians created cunieform.

My name in cuneiform

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