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The Hunger Games

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One problem i found while reading The Hunger Games was that they made Peeta way too soft. Not because he acts like a good boy, but he puts himself down too much. When he says he has no chance in winning or his own mom said Katniss would win not him. Thats not right. They should have given Peeta a little more self confidence than what he had. It would have given this story a little more action. Because he did not have much self confidence the story mostly focused on just Katniss. But they could have had much more detail , much more going on if they gave Peeta a little more self confidence they could of showed some of the story from his perspective.

down in the Dumps

I would remove Effie Trinket from the story. The only real purpose she served in this story was to pick the names in the very beginning and to explain what it was they had to do. Other than that she complained about everything they did and she did not help Katniss or Peeta with anything, like getting sponsers, what to do and what not to do.

Face to Face

How would the story have changed if the Capitol never changed the rules to let 2 people win? Would Katniss have killed Peeta or would they still attempt to commit suicide together? I think if they had never changed the rules , Katniss would not have killed Peeta or vise versa, but i dont think that they would commit suicide together. I think one of them would have died off from another tribute or from eating the poison berry.

If the other tributes had never of teamed up together would this effect the plot of the story? I think this would effect the plot because if this was an all out battle royal the story would have moved along much faster and people would have died a lot faster. Without having a big group of people working together , now you cant just listen for them you will always have to be on high alert.

If Gale was selected as the male tribute how would this mess the plot line up? If Gale was selected this could change a lot of things, seeing that Katniss has feelings for Gale from the start this would make it much harder for her and him. Neither one of them would want to be against each other. Also if Gale was selected it Katniss would have no one to look after her Mother and sister.

What if Peeta never gave Katniss the bread, would she have feelings for him like she does, would she even care about him? I think even if he didnt give her the bread she would still end up having feelings for him because the stress the Hunger Games puts on her, she doesnt wanna be alone.

Best Seller

  • Review of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

In this book 2 tributes are randomly selected from each of the 12 districts and taken to this place called The Capitol. Here they will learn about the Hunger Games and how to win. Each of the tributes meet their mentor's who have won from their district in previous Hunger Games. For Katniss and Peeta , Haymitch was their mentor. He taught them how to survive, what to do and what not to do, and how to get sponsors to help them survive. During The Hunger Games their is suppose to be only one victor but the Capitol ends up changing the rules, saying their can be two as long as they are from the same district. Katniss ends up finding Peeta and they work together to win. Once they are the last two the Capitol decides to change the rules again saying their can only be one victor. Katniss and Peeta decide they would rather die together than to only have one of them come out alive. This Forced the Capitol to let them both win instead of having no Victors.

  • Recommendation
I recommend this book to a teenage audience mostly because it has everything they like. Their is romance, fighting, and suspense in The Hunger Games , it keeps pulling you back in and making you want to read.

  • Plot Summary
The Plot is about two teenage kids that go into a game called The Hunger Games, where they fight other teen's till their is only 1 victor. These games are for the Capitols amusement.

  • Characterization
The main character in this book is Katniss. She struggled with love in the book The Hunger Games. She is strung between 2 boys named Gale and Peeta. Also during the Hunger Games she did not want to kill other people , she felt it was wrong, so that made her soft.

  • Reaction
Reading The Hunger Games i felt many emotions, some point made me sad, some were intense, and some made me think. Some of the moments i could relate too. The struggles Peeta felt with Katniss is something a lot of people can relate too.

  • Theme and Message
An excellent theme for The Hunger Games is survival of the fittest. You had to survive with little to no help during the Hunger Games. The struggle for survival was also in the districts. You had to know how to survive and adapt to the way of life. If you couldn't than you were dead for sure. One of the messages in this book is, don't take what you have for granite.


The Hunger Games Novel & Katniss Everdeen

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In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

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Top Ten List:

1. The Village of the Holcomb stands on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansans call "out there."

1r.This gives the feeling that you are far from others and you're alone, where bad things happen.

2.It is no shame to have a dirty face - the shame comes when you keep it dirty.

2r.Just because you made a mistake before doesn't always make you a bad person the rest of your life. If you keep making mistakes and bad choices that's when you should feel ashamed.

3.Imagination, of course, can open any door - turn the key and let terror walk right in.

3r.We get scared by our own thoughts but the only way to get rid of that fear is by facing it.

4.I despise people who cant control themselves.

4r. I agree with this because you should know when its been enough when you should stop doing something.

5.I thought Mr.Clutter was a very nice gentleman. I thought so right up to the point that I cut his throat.

5r.This line gave me the chills. It gives off the vibe that he is crazy and trys to make a joke of something that's not funny.

6.Once a thing is set to happen, all you can do is hope it wont.

6r.This line really hit home with me because I personally can relate to this and im sure many other people can as well, especially through love.

7.Im scared , Myrt. Of what? When your time comes, it comes. And tears wont save you.

7r. This is true when your time comes, and it will. Sadly there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it.

8.Little things really belong to you. They don't have to be left behind.

8r. Make the little things count in life, because sometimes that's all you need.

9.My acquaintances are many, my friends are few ; those who really know me fewer still.

9r. This shows he has no one he can count on or trust and the few that could left him behind.

10.At the time, not a soul in sleeping Holocomb heard them- four shotgun blasts that, all told, ended six human lives.

10r. This scares me because in the country that is true things happen but don't get heard because everyone is so distant.

Thematically Speaking:

The theme that was most evident and interesting to me was the Mental illness factor. Perry suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and Dick suffers brain damage from his concussion. So a major question in deciding the murder trial would be , up to what extent can you hold them accountable for their actions? Are the same standards applicable to everyone person no matter what is wrong with them? Should they be treated the same as any other murder?

Best Seller:

  • Review of In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

In Cold Blood is talks about the true story of the murder of the Clutter family in Holocomb, Kansas in 1959. It talks about the killings and the events that led to the murders. The family was killed with no apparent motive by Dick Hickock and Perry Smith. The family was discovered bound and shot to death with not much missing from their home. Perry and Dick basically get away with the murder, leaving behind scant clues and having no personal connection.While the anxiety in Holcomb grows, the killers move on with their lives. The book follows Perry and Dick to Mexico and back, and incredibly, it seems that they might never be found out and brought to justice.

  • Recommendation

Id recommend this book for the people who like a mystery and like suspense. Also id recommend this book for people who don't like reading like myself because it really captures you attention and keeps it. If you like a mystery but you're also into the criminal stuff this book is definitely for you.

  • Summarization

One morning the Clutter family is found dead by Susan Kidwell and one of her friends. By the time the bodies have been found the murders, Perry and Dick, have already fled back to Dicks home town. From there the two head to Mexico while police investigate the crime.The investigation of the Clutter murders seems to be heading nowhere. However, a man in the Kansas state prison at Lansing, Floyd Wells, hears of the murder case. Sure that Dick Hickock is responsible, he begins to think of talking to the authorities.

  • Characterization

Perry Edward Smith - Perry wants very much to be educated, and he considers himself quite intelligent and artistic. His childhood was lonely and disorganized. His criminal record seems to be a natural extension of the strange environments in which he grew up.

Richard (Dick) Eugene Hickock - Dick grew up in Kansas and was married twice, and is jailed for passing bad checks. Dick is a practical man who displays confidence and cruelty, but in reality he is not as ruthless or brave as he seems.

  • Reaction

During my reading of this book I had many reactions. In some moments I was confused and others I was mad. When Dick and Perry killed the family I was confused because I had no idea why they did it or what their motive was. That same seen also made me sad because that family lost their life for what seems like no reason at all.