Kelsi Cox

My Family and Friends

My family is a family of four with a mom, dad, a little brother, and myself. My mom's name is Charlotta Cox, my dad's name is Joseph Cox, and my little brother's name is Timothy Cox. We have two cats who are brother and sister named Honey and Sammy. I have four best friends named Meadow, Rebekah, Nicole, and Hunter. They are all very great to me and I appreciate them so so much and couldn't ask for better friends.


I go to Osage Trail Middle School as an eight grader. I get A's most the time and a few B's here and there. My favorite subject is ELA because I have always been advanced in it. My least favorite would have to be science or math because I haven't been great at math my whole life and this year I have had difficulty in it. I was recently accepted into National Junior Honor Society which would be my second year in a row and I am also participating in Extempore and play clarinet in band.

My Hobbies and Intests

My hobbies would probably only be watching YouTube videos, listening to music, talking to my friends, and I also watch my favorite show, The Walking Dead. I also am a master of making Kraft Macaroni and Cheese which is my favorite food. I also cuddle with my cats even if they don't want me to.