Project 6: Shed some light

Software and Machines used:

Autodesk Inventor, 123D Make, Adobe Illustrator, UCP.


$0.60 x 6 sheets= $3.6
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Why would this product be desirable to users? Who would be possible customers?

This project would be desirable to users because of its classic lamp shade cone shape. It has a simple design, and is unique because of the wooden body. Possible customers would be anyone who wants an innovative yet simple pendant light.

What obstacles did you face? How did you overcome those obstacles? What would you do differently next time?

I faced few problems while working on this project, and made minimal mistakes. One minor problem that I faced was to round the edges of the lamps to get it to look the way I wanted. I overcame this problem by experimenting with the champfer tool. If I was to re-make this project, I would add a more intricate design to the lamp.

What were you proud of in this project? What was interesting? What did you learn?

I liked the simple classic design of the lamp. I liked that the lamp shade didn't completely block out light from leaking through it. I also liked that the lamp shade was made of cardboard, because it makes it light and it wouldn't break if it fell.
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