Destination Outer Space

By: Thu Cu

Welcome to Space!

Have you ever wanted to go to space? Dreaming of that moment ever since you were a kid?Well now you can!With our trusty company you'll be floating in space in no time.There is just a 99.9% that you won't make it back alive,just kidding, well maybe.Well since you saw this,i'll be honest.After seeing this, I bet you that you'll buy this awesome trip!
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Our many wonderful food options:

It is quite different from earth,but we swear the food we are about to give you is one of a kind!All of our delectable options are oh so wonderful, like,for example our many options of tubed is quite the tummy filler and it taste great.try it for yourself in space!Tubed food is ok but you could also eat dehydrated foods! There is many options, it isn't limited at all. You could even eat ice cream or a delicious dehydrated burger.For all you know,you could even drink coke!It's all good because when you get to your space destination,you could get the water back in! Its all easy!So come and take in our wonderful universe for yourself!

Health risks:

Well this is the sad part,if you don't work out your body in space your bones may shrink.Oh and I forgot to mention you may lose your sight....and your brain..hehe . But still it doesn't matter that much,right?!Well and also when you get back to earth,you'll have to go through cancer treatments and psychiatric counseling.But it is all worth it since you got to go to space!


You can come to space for the cheap price of $96,000,000. Wow,that's so amazing right?! It's sooo cheap!Anyone can afford this!Even you!
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What to bring:

Since we have provide your food, you'll just need to bring these items!

Oxygen,dude, if you don't bring this item your dead in seconds this item is too important to be forgotten.{REMEMBER TO BRING THIS ITEM}

Space suit,this option is also very important please put it on your list.

Hygiene essentials-be our guest if you want to rock the stinky breath look.

And that's all you need to bring because we will provide the rest for you.

Our Amazing Tour:

Since we are traveling to the moon with such a low low cost we also have a tour!

1.Jump to Jupiter: we are not exactly jumping to Jupiter but it feels like a dream. Here, you get to experience the gravity[which is barely] on the moon.Jumping up and down to your desire.

2.Gaze at the Stars: At this activity you will go on the spaceship and experience the star up close 3D live you could even touch the little things.