Michelangelo life time


Have you ever wondered about the famous artist Michelangelo. Well let me tell you about him. He has made some of the most famous sculptures. like the pita it was made in 1497 and also the face of god It was a amazing painting of god in his opinion. If you want to know about a man that was born 540 years ago I will tell you all about him. Michelangelo has done some great artwork over 540 years and know I will tell you all about him.
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the start to a new life

Some of Michelangelo's best sculptures was the pieta and David and God's hand reaching out to each other. those are some of his most wonderful beautiful paintings but let's talk about were his life began. He was born March 6 , 1475 wow! That was such a long time ago. his parents are Francesca was his mother and his father was Ludovico. also he was born in Caprese Italy.

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Best art work

Now let's talk about some of his best sculptures. One of them was called the Pieta it was a painting of Jesus and Mary. Also a very beautiful set of paintings are the walls of Sistine Chapel. This was one of his most famous paintings the walls still have his paintings on them. he is a true great artist also a sculpture. He made a sculpture of David its a amazing piece of work and art.

Passing away

Now we sadly will talk about the end of his life. He died on February 18 , 1564 in Rome Italy. One of the most loved and best artist and sculptures on Earth died. All though it was amazing he has been known that long. Also It's surprising that building he painted is still there. Also the building is the Sistine Chapel. He is a true loved sculpture and true artist.

Michelangelo Biography