Mrs. White's Kindergarten News

December 13, 2014

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! We had a good week in Kindergarten. Full of learning and fun! The class enjoyed visits to the book fair, holiday crafts, and a full week of outdoor recess!!!

Volunteers Needed: This week I sent out an email looking for parent helpers to assist with making gingerbread houses in class next week. There are still a couple of spots open if you would like to sign-up. I would also love to have a parent or 2 come in Monday or Tuesday to help get the graham crackers glued onto the houses so they are dry and ready to go. If you have time next week, please email which day and what time you would like to come in!

Gingerbread Houses: Next Friday our class will be making gingerbread houses. I put a sign-up sheet out for materials we will be needing, but if you have any extra Halloween candy laying around at home that you would like to unload, feel free to send it to school for us to use with this project (no chocolate).

Friday Journals: We will not be doing Friday Journals again until after break!

Falcon PRIDE: We will have our next Falcon Pride store on Monday, where students can spend the money that they have earned! In addition to this store, Mrs. Pitman will be hosting all school BINGO on Friday, December 19th during the school day!!!

Important Dates

December 19th: Gingerbread House

December 20-Jan 4th: No School-Winter Break

January 5th: School Resumes for Staff and Students

January 9th: Report Cards Sent Home

Classroom Update

Next week will be a little different. We will be taking the week off from our traditional reading curriculum to do a Gingerbread Unit! We will spend the week reading the many different stories of the Gingerbread Man. The class will look at the setting, characters, problem and solution that each book has and find out how they are alike and different.

Throughout the week we will do many activities centered around these books. And of course we will finish off the week with making our gingerbread houses!

While we will still be working with our previously taught letters and words, we will not be adding anything new until after break. Please take this time to really work/review the words that students have already learned.