Bremen Public School's Teacher Twitter Challenge

Building Your PLN One Tweet at a Time

The goal of this Twitter challenge is to get you comfortable using Twitter as source of Professional Development, and also contribute to the community around you. Twitter connects educators in not only a professional manner, but it also is a quick and efficient way to gather resources and discover new leaders in EdTech! I look forward to moving forward with you as you continue to grow your PLN (Personal Learning Network).

Login to Twitter!

If you have not created a Twitter account, please go to Twitter.com and do so. If you have an account, please login and make sure that you have a profile picture! As I've heard it said, "Don't be an egghead in the Twitter community!" Make sure you have a profile picture that clearly shows us who we are hearing from.

October 12 - Challenge #1 - Who Are You?

  1. Introduce yourself to the Twitter world! Be sure to describe yourself and what you hope to gain from this challenge.
  2. Using the tag #celebratemonday and #BremenPLN, send out a tweet that celebrates what you learned or observed teaching today.
  3. Reply to 1 other person that is posting within the #BremenPLN challenge.

October 13 - Challenge #2 - "Wait! I gotta question!"

Write a tweet asking the #BremenPLN community a question. Think before you tweet!
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October 14 - Challenge #3 - Check this out!

What have you found in the world of education that interests you?

  1. Find an article, website, app, etc. online.
  2. Copy the URL and tweet it out using the hashtags #edchat and #BremenPLN at the end.
  3. Respond to at least 2 peers within the #BremenPLN community.

October 15 - Challenge #4 - Let's Chat!

Tonight I would like to challenge you to participate in a Twitter chat! Simply search with the magnifying glass a Twitter chat, and join in the conversation! Use the Google Site link below to check out what Twitter chats might work best for you! If there isn't one tonight that you can get involved in, find one on another day! THIS is where you will find some GREAT resources and GREAT educational leaders!

October 16 - Challenge #5 - Follow Friday

  1. #FF and #BremenPLN will be your hashtags for the day!
  2. Identify at least five (5) people you would encourage others to follow! Add at least one to your PLN that someone has recommended.
  3. I'll start - check out @ShakeUpLearning