Commercial Remodeling Trends

Commercial Remodeling and Commercial Renovation

Commercial Remodeling

There are many different reasons to consider doing commercial remodeling. The type of remodeling will of course depend directly on the needs of the business. Many times a business must look at commercial remodeling to meet the increased demands of a thriving business. Or it may simply be that there needs to be a design change so that existing space can be used more wisely and efficiently.

Some commercial remodeling is all done to the outside of an existing building. Perhaps it needs a new roof or new windows. Sometimes it simply needs a facelift to be appealing to potential customers. Businesses must be able to keep up with decorating trends. This is also a signal to potential clients that the business is functioning on the cutting edge of the market.

More recently commercial remodeling has been undertaken for the sole purpose of becoming more environmentally friendly. These “green” designs can ultimately save the company lots of expense down the road on energy and related costs. Many also want to take advantage of various tax credits for installing toilets that conserve water as well as energy efficient window units.

Roofing, siding and windows can all have an effect on customers. These along with painting and other aesthetic touches can impress customers and make them desire to do business with the company. Include outdoor lighting and specifically designed landscaping in some of the outdoor commercial remodeling designs and appeal to customers.

Perhaps it is indoor commercial remodeling that is needed. A commercial contractor in Seattle can add shelving units, remodel bathrooms or build additional rooms for storage. Licensed contractors can also add technological upgrades. This may include monitors which display pertinent information about the company’s products or devices to help customers find what they are looking for. Organization of products as well as proper lighting and the use of colors can make or break a deal! Contacting a Commercial Remodeling contractor can help a business owner know what kind of remodeling options are available for their business.

What is Commercial Remodeling?

Remodeling is giving an area some sort of a makeover. However, the scenario is very different for a residential contractor and a commercial contractor. Although many times they may be performing similar tasks it is for completely different reasons and is on a very different scale.

Residential remodeling is simply a renovation of the home or some area of the home. Perhaps the owner wishes to add a room, renovate bathrooms or the kitchen. Maybe a redo of all the flooring is the seasonal project. The point of home remodeling projects is to make it a comfortable place to relax with family and friends.

Commercial remodeling is very different in purpose. They are targeting an audience of customers and the business must have eye appeal to the masses not just the owner. Commercial remodeling contractors take on large projects such as remodeling complete apartment complexes, emergency exits, and additional structures. They may eve do things such as carpeting for a hotel or meeting hall as well as various types of healthcare construction.

Commercial remodeling contractors will have to meet city and state regulations for commercial institutions. They will have to do work as specified by local governments as well. They may have to obtain various types of permits to allow electrical repairs or plumbing for public restrooms. They may also be subject to various inspections by governing authorities.

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Good Commercial Contractor

Finding a good Commercial remodeling contractor can be difficult even though they are plentiful. There are some things that can make the search a little easier. Whether the needs are commercial remodeling or commercial construction there are some areas that need not be overlooked when selecting the contractor.

One of the most important things is to check with any local references that can be obtained. Then make sure you select a few of them to ask what kind of job the contractor did for them and if they are pleased with the work. Did they complete the job per the set time frame and was it completed properly? References may very well be your greatest resource as they can inform you of the type of work that was completed.

Make sure to get all estimates in written form. Have the contractor detail the work that will be done and the approximate cost. Ask them about any price differentials or a guaranteed price.

Another thing to ask a contractor before hiring anyone for commercial construction is about their workforce and any licensing and experience they may have.

There are three main areas to evaluate before hiring a commercial contractor: their reputation, the methods, and their service. This includes before, during and after any projects.

Healthcare Construction

One aspect of commercial construction deals with healthcare construction. In itself this is a very broad field. It encompasses many different areas of the healthcare world. Commercial remodeling can include updating existing facilities such as hospital renovation, medical office remodeling or long term care facility design and construction. The world of healthcare construction deals with facility constructions, operation and maintenance as well as renovations or expansions to this wide variety of healthcare facilities.

Working in the realm of healthcare construction means that a contractor will need experience working on various types of facilities. Hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation units or emergency rooms need to be equipped with state of the art equipment to provide the most current and thorough care for patients. Healthcare contractors will need to work with a wide variety of personnel. They will need to effectively communicate with facility managers or owners, other construction workers, developers, various types of engineers and many regulatory agencies.

A healthcare construction company will be able to cover many aspects of a healthcare facility. They may need to provide air quality, installation of equipment or machines as well as roofing needs. They must have a wide variety of experience in many different areas of workmanship.

Commercial Renovation

Which is better, renovating a dilapidated building or building a brand new one? There are several key areas which must be considered before undertaking either commercial remodeling or commercial construction projects. Much of the final decision will depend on meeting the financial goals while staying within any given budget.

There are times when it is much more expensive to renovate an older building than it is to build a new structure. Much of the financial aspects of the decision will rest on if a business has the money to build or will the money need to be borrowed. With newer regulations regarding wiring, ADA accessibility, lighting and plumbing it may actually be less expensive to build new than to make necessary renovations to keep up with changing codes.

Turnaround is a key aspect which will need to be considered also. Typically a new project needs to take a year or less before finances make the turnaround. There are many costs involved for things like surveying crews, architecture, engineering and permits.

Talking over all the available options with a commercial contractor will help a business owner get a broader picture as to what this type of project will entail. It will also help to know which will be less expensive or yield the greater return on the initial investment.

Single Unit Renovation

A Commercial remodeling company will be able to completely renovate single units. This is a necessary work project for commercial contractors. They may remodel office buildings; apartment complexes or rooms for renovate healthcare related facilities.

The primary goal of a commercial remodel of an office building will be efficiency. The office units will need to be designed so as to allow for maximum output by occupants. Ease of access to key equipment is a must as well as a break area. Office space needs to encourage proficiency and quickness for those working inside.

Apartment buildings may need to undergo major renovations by commercial remodeling companies to meet newer “greener” standards. Many will need windows or roofs replaced to meet newer market demands and ease energy costs in the long run. Appliances also may need to be exchanged for more energy efficient models.

Healthcare facilities can need renovations in many areas. Patient rooms must be designed to accommodate needs of those who are hospitalized temporarily, and long term care facilities must have individual rooms to help provide comfort and security for patients.

There are many aspects to renovating complexes with single units. Commercial remodeling is a vast world undertaking a wide variety of tasks.

Commercial Painting

The outside of a building can say a lot about the business it contains. It is very important that the business maintains a fresh look that is appealing to customers. When considering commercial remodeling a quick way to spruce up the business is by hiring a commercial painter to design the outside of the business; the outside of the facility is the first impression a customer will get.

The inside of a business facility will need commercial painters to keep it up to par as well. The constant traffic of employees and various pieces of equipment will begin to show much wear and tear. Door frames, doors, hallways, foyers and entrances can show such wear and tear after awhile. Bathrooms are used by customers and workers a lot and can become quite worn over time. Commercial painters can help to keep these areas of the business looking bright and clean. Keeping painted surfaces fresh will help customers feel comfortable. Repainted surfaces will help protect the original paint. This practice will end up saving the company money over the long term.

Maintaining the facility is a key concept of good business. A fresh look will help sustain a positive atmosphere for workers and customers alike.

Property Management

Retail property managers are hired to take care of commercial property for a landlord or owner. Their primary responsibility is to be the point of contact between tenants and the owner. Property management also includes maintaining the property. There are four main responsibilities that belong to a property management company.

They are to take care of all the financial circumstances surrounding the properties. This means that they will collect any rent from the lease. If a property or space becomes vacant it is their job to make sure that it is released to qualified merchants or tenants. Good records of all income and expenses should be kept and reported to the owner at least on a monthly basis.

The maintenance of the property becomes the sole responsibility of a retail property management company. It is up to them to hire and pay anyone who performs maintenance on the properties. This includes things such as repairs and routine maintenance items. It also includes very necessary actions such as trash removal, landscaping and things like window cleaning services.

Retail property management services should keep all property occupied at market level rent. They should also strive to keep tenants satisfied with the services they receive.