One-Room Schoolhouse

Kristin Hodges

What is a One-Room Schoolhouse?

a one-room school house is where kids ages anywhere from 5-16 would go daily to get a basic education. Learning the fundelmentals of history, english and arithmatic. a class room of 20-30 kids was Taught and controled by one young, brave, and strict teacher. the one room consisted of a small building and one room where the teacher and students would spend their day.


A one-room schoolhouse had many desks enough to accomadate the number of students within the class, most had a fire place in the center of the class room because the houses were not insulated so it would get very cold in the winter, only a few windows around the class to open on a hot day. most school houses were located in a main part of country town so everyone could get to them without having to walk too far. farmers paid to build the houses and could only afford a one room building. outside was land for the kids to have recess and more outdoor learning.

schoolhouse history

one rooms began in the 1900's and ended in the early 90's. they were located all around the world. thanks to local farmers the school houses wold be built ans kept up with for many years till they were redone. many school houses are still kept up today as land markers and not use for schools.

would i have liked to attend his school?

no, i would truly not like to attend a one room schoolhouse. i feel i would get very bored doing and seeing the same people everyday. i like the fact i go to a huge 5A school and have the technology i have today to work on my material and school work.


the schoolhouses were very simple and look like today present day classrooms. there were desks to accommodate all the students and a chalkboard for the teacher to teach the students. also there were small play grounds and equipment for the kids to play on during recess. during the winter the teacher would light a fire in the furnace to keep the classroom warm.

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