Horwath Miniature Golf Course

Get Expert Services Regarding the Installation of Mini Golf

The Horwath Miniature Golf courses are considered to be the best mini golf courses in the US. We aim to serve the people around the globe with proper assistance and top services. We have been in the same profession for over 25 years and have been proudly serving the areas around U.S. with our professional services since day one. Golf is a game of class,patience, intelligence and accuracy. It is one of the most famous games that are played around the globe. But sometimes due to some inconvenience, people are unable to play their favorite sport. This is the reason behind the formation of our corporation, to help people enjoy the luxurious game.

If you also love golf and wish to play it whenever you feel like, we advise you to get professionals to install mini golf in your house. You can play your favorite game anytime of the day after we build a miniature golf course in Texas.We were created by Bob Horwath, who have built over 150 high class miniature golf coursesin the whole U.S. and internationally as well. He has all the information about how to build a mini golf or what is needed for that. Bob, along with expert and hardworking team will ensure that the output is more than what you have been expecting.

Our company knows the mini golf business like the back of our hand. Log on to horwathgolf.com and know more about us.