Mikki's 5 traits of culture

My name is Mikki Ishee, and this is a project about my culture. I am a freshman at LTHS. I'm 14 years old. I’m a vegetarian. I speak english. And I do not like school.


I speak the lanuage of English. In the picture below it is people speking in english. My family speaks english and italian but all I know is english.

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Security and protection

My family has a security system where an alarm goes off if any doors or windows or gates open without turning the alarm off first. My dad also has a shotgun for protection.


My family consists of me, my little sister and my parents. My dad doesn't really live with us because he travels a lot and my parents are separated so sometimes I live with my grandparents.

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Food and shelter

I have two houses; one for my mom, my sister and I, and one for my grandparents, my sister and I. I am a vegetarian.

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I go to Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas.

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