Walt Disney

the man who made mickey

Imagine putting a pen to paper and creating the classic Disney cartoon characters that you know and love. Walt Disney woke up every morning and did just that. But it was not always easy.

Walt was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago but his home town was Marceline, Missouri. The Disney’s moved to Marceline in order to be closer to family when Walt was only four years old. At park elementary Walt began to show a love for drawing. Drawing was seven year old Walt’s hobby. In fact he was so good at drawing that his neighbor asked him to draw a portrait of his horse. After spending four years in Marceline the Disney’s farm failed, so the Disney's moved to Kansas City. After moving in 1911, Walt and his brother got up every weekday at 3:30 am to help their father deliver newspapers before school, He was only nine at the time. Every Saturday Walt also attended the Kansas city Art Institute. Then Walt and his family moved back to Chicago in 1917 to invest in a jelly company. After Walt graduated from Benton school. On June 13, 1925 he married Lillian Bounds, who was one of his employees and had two beautiful children named Diane and Sharon. Quite a while later in 1966 Walt passed away do to cancer during the construction of Disney World.

Many people recognize the name “Walt Disney” because they have seen one of his many films or because they love one of his characters, but there is more to the man then just his name. His many successes began when he was 17 and working with the Red Cross. There he drew pictures on ambulances and made money decorating helmets. In 1919 he moved back to Kansas City to start his art career. While working he met his lifelong friend UB Iwerks. Then Walt and UB teamed up to create Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists which only lasted one month before being shut down. In the 1920s he went to work at a slide company and began to make cartoons. Walt moved to Hollywood a little later in 1927 and discovered that Universal Studios legally owned all of his work and all of his employees left him so decided to start fresh and create Mickey Mouse. A while later Walt created the first cartoon with sound “Steamboat Willie” it was shown featuring mickey mouse. At the time many would have thought he did the impossible. This was a very important time in his life because it was when his career really took off . A couple of years later Walt made Walt Disney studios followed by the cartoon “Flowers and Trees” it was the first cartoon with color. Once again many thought Walt had done the impossible. In 1929, once again most of Walt's employees left him for a larger salary. Soon after Walt began making war training videos for soldiers in world war ㅍ. In 1955 Disneyland opened to the public. To this day Walt Disney holds the record for the most academy awards won [32 to be exact].Walt Disney created some of the most beloved cartoon characters and made a great impact on the world by influencing the next era of cartoonists.

Walt Disney was a very artistic and talented man. Some examples of this are when Walt was only seven he was gifted at drawing and art. Another example of when Walt was artistic is when his childhood neighbor asked him to draw a portrait of his horse, or when he began to create the first cartoon with sound or color. Walt Disney was also very determined. He had many failures in his life like when Universal studios took all of his amazing work. Or when Iwerks-Disney commercial artists was shut down after only one month. But Walt kept his head up always. Many also believe that Walt was very imaginative like when he pictured Disney world in his head, he saw a place where both adults and children could have a good time. He showed great determination by overcoming his failures and hardships. Even years after his death Walt continues to inspire young artists and his characters are still cherished by one generation after the next.